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    Oct 10, 2009
    The mountains of NE TN.
    Happened day before yesterday in Greene Co., TN

    Here’s the first report:

    A homeowner shot and killed a 17 year-old boy last night during an attempted home break-in in Greene County, according to a local radio station news report.

    WGRV radio interviewed Greene County Sheriff Steve Burns early Friday morning. Burns said the teen was part of a group that tried to break into a home at 2235 Houston Valley Road in southern Greene County just before 11 p.m. Thursday.

    WGRV news director Marty Ricker said that, according to Sheriff Burns, a search is underway for other suspects who tried to break into the home and fled when the shooting happened.

    The name of the person killed has not been released.

    Sheriff Burns told WGRV radio he planned to release more information later Friday morning.

    Update at 7:55 a.m.:

    11 Connects reporter Dana Wachter is in Greene County. She just found out that Sheriff Burns and deputies are actively searching for three suspects who were at the home at the time of the shooting and got away in a car.

    Update at 9:27 a.m.

    Sheriff Steve Burns told 11 Connects reporter Dana Wachter that the deceased is Michael Edward Aldridge Banner, age 17. Burns and officers are looking for three adults in the getaway car described as a 4-door gold Kia.

    Update at 1:08 p.m.

    Sheriff Steve Burns identified the owner of the home on Houston Valley Road as Alan Burch. At this point, Burns said Burch’s account of what happened matches the sheriff’s department’s investigation. Burns said that 17 year-old Michael Edward Aldridge Banner, and at least three others kicked open the front door of Burch’s trailer. Burch fired one shot, which hit Banner in the chest, and killed him on the spot. The others fled the scene in what was described as a four-door gold Kia. Burch has not been charged for the shooting.
    “Certainly we’re still conducting an investigation,“ said Sheriff Burns, “but I believe people have the right to defend their home.“
    So far, Sheriff Burns has not determined a motive for the initial break-in. He says one possibility is that the suspects were looking to steal prescription drugs.
    After speaking with Banner’s friends at the hospital overnight, the sheriff’s department does have leads on others who may have been involved with the break-in, but they have not found the suspects. If anyone has any information about what may have gone on, or where these suspects may be, contact the Greene County Sheriff’s Department, at 423-798-1800.
  2. Artemus

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    Mar 10, 2009
    Another happy ending as far as I am concerned.

  3. jjmitchell60

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    May 10, 2004
    Raised in Buzzard Roost near Frog Town in hillls o
    IMHO, a happy ending is not what I wwould call it. The family of the teenager killed will be in pain over the death and the man who killed the teenager will have to live with this the rest of his life. Granted he did what he had to do, it is a sad situation all the way around IMHO. IF the teenager had some guidence in his l;ife, be it dicipline, God, or just adults; then maybe he would not have been breaking in. IF he had not been breaking in then the home owner would not have had to shoot the teen thus he would not have to wonder the rest of his life "what if" as to the shooting. I would do what is needed tp protect my family and my property including the taking of a life BUT I would always wonder "what if" as to the one I killed. What if he/she hadf nopt broke in or taken that path in life.

    Bottom line is kids today need intervention LONG before it comes to the point of taking a lfe is what solves the problem. Maybe I am getting soft in my old age BUT I look at my grand kids as I read that and think that teen was some ones grand kid too. That is why I take time to be in my kids and grand kids life; to try and guide them to a better path in life.
  4. Suicide*Ride

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    JJ, IMHO you pretty much summed it up...... in a nutshell. ;)

    The 1 good thing in this story is that the home owner wasn't hurt or killed, as that's most likely what 4 hoods would've done had they found him asleep or in the head.

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  5. Maximilian II

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    May 25, 2009
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    I agree with JJ and SR. Bad news for all there.
    GA allows self defence last I heard, but I hope I never have my home invaded. One of my dad's best friends died fighting a home invader. He fought unarmed, untrained, and bravely enough for the thug to kill him. A good man was lost that time.

    I must amend part of what I said, if I ever have my home invaded I hope it's that same guy that got Dad's friend. We're neither unarmed nor untrained nor unprepared around here.
  6. Hells Toy Master

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    Jan 16, 2009
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    All true, especially the bold-ed part, but in the end he fought it, or one of the hundreds of other reasons fell off the path of the strait and narrow.

    Regardless, as far as I am concerned he had a choice that night and decided to take the risks that he took.

    Agreed, the 17 year old had a choice, many in fact that he could have taken that would not have lead to his death.
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