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    I located a Manufacturer that is going out of the bullet making business. I bought a 1000 RN lead Buddits for $30.00 in 9MM. How many rounds should I fire before cleaning the bore? How bad will lead buddit fowl the barrel. I never had a problem with SWC in 38, but I'm not familiar with shooting RN lead in a 9MM. Your thoughts are appreciated?
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    It all depends on how hard the bullets are vs the velocity. Softer bullets and/or higher velocities will cause more leading of the barrel. You will begin to notice the accuracy dropping off as the barrel gets progressively more fouled.

    If you're gonna shoot a BUNCH, you might want to invest in a Lewis Lead Remover.

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    First thing, make sure they're sized properly. They should be .355. If they're larger, you'll want to resize them.

    Then try to push your thumbnail into one. If you can't, they're probably hard enough.

    Then weigh a couple of dozen chosen at random.

    Then choose a powder/bullet weight combination that keeps the velocity around, or below, 1100 fps.

    They should be fine for plinking and short-range target work. I've fired thousands of lead (bullets made of wheelweights) rounds thru my .45s with no leading problems.....just keep the speeds sub-sonic, and clean your barrel with a brass or stiff nylon brush.