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    Here is another read on the current status of activity surrounding the 2nd Amendment from today's Sierra Times.

    The Paper Vise:

    By Ted Lang © 2003

    Most Americans are confused regarding their rights under the Second Amendment, which prevents the federal government from banning citizens from acquiring firearms. Make no mistake; the ultimate objective of the Sarah Brady Campaign, the Violence Policy Center, Americans for Gun Safety, the Million Mom March, the ADL, the New York Times and their stooges in network TV news, is the total ban of all firearms ownership.

    If the American people were to become aware of this irrefutably proven agenda, there would be an uprising of a great majority of them, including tens of millions of non gun-owning citizens. Non-gun owners would become alarmed because they would realize that although they oppose having a gun in their own home, there would be no armed force other than the government. And our government has demonstrated its seriously flawed compassion by such examples as My Lei, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Wounded Knee and the massacres of American Indians, the increasing number of SWAT murders, Sherman's "march to the sea," and so on.

    Even politically naïve citizens would soon recognize such a monopoly of force as the height of folly, and would understand the hopelessness of our society were it to be dominated by such concentrated power in the executive branch of government. That is why incremental legislation and court cases are just as vital to the abolition movement as is the camouflaged misnomer that is "gun control." There is no intent to control - only to abolish!

    Since it is such a totally un-American and unconstitutional agenda, its agents work very gradually with astonishing stealth and creativity, accounting for their continuing and undaunted progress. Their eventual success is assured! Gun abolition is coming! There is no way of avoiding it. And that's the bad news.

    The good news is Americans will never give up their guns. They will come to realize that only criminals and politicians [is there a difference?] will be armed, and only the latter benefit from such unjust and unconstitutional laws. Our nation wasn't created to establish law; it was created to establish justice, and our laws when constitutionally based are just laws, irrespective of the New York Times-led mainstream establishment leftist media's objections and cacophony of hysteria.

    The media's trickery has been exposed. The bias of the Leftmedia is now well known. All that is needed to prove that case these days is the very thing liberals love to throw at their opponents to stifle argument and debate; namely, disparaging labels. What labels? How about the name Jayson Blair? How about the L.A. Times trashing Arnold Schwarzenegger? How about Dan Rather's handling of the Chandra Levy case?

    So if there is only one tragic case where a small child finds a gun within easy reach because of an outrageously stupid adult, and a child is killed, that's great news for the New York Times and their Leftmedia. That's a godsend for the Million Mommies and Sarah Brady. That's manna from heaven for Carolyn McCarthy, Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer. And the owners of the big media lean liberal and socialist to ensure their continued wealth and power.

    Yet, the preponderance of private firearms "incidents" involving crime stoppage and avoidance are hardly ever reported, not because they are not news, but because it doesn't support the agenda of the left! Not reporting good gun incidents and playing to the hilt the handful of anecdotal bad incidents to create government policy, is precisely what constitutes the despotism already evident in these very methods that portend the future. For the left, any means justifies the end, and that end is the total supremacy of government over its people.

    Editorializing the news and then selecting rare anecdotes to support an un-American, unconstitutional agenda, is beginning to be understood by the majority of Americans. In spite of "American" media efforts to suppress information relative to the skyrocketing crime in total gun ban England and Australia, Americans are finding out via the Internet. American TV viewers are abandoning network TV news in favor of FOXNews. The midterm elections, and now the California recall, are signs that the media stranglehold is slipping. But their influence is far from under control.

    "Newspapers" like the New York Times continue to maintain control and continue to spread gun control hysteria to abolish the Second Amendment. That is most important to the left because it eradicates that which replicates the only real dimension of government; namely, force. The Leftmedia seizes upon heart wrenching anecdotes, and then emblazons them publicly via harsh, emotion-inciting editorial opinion. The latter falsely accuses and presents falsified facts. The NRA is not only demonized but also blamed for the crime or incident! This assumes falsely that the NRA represents all gun owners.

    Yet, when organizations such as the NRA try to defend themselves, or present a challenge to such false accusations, the very media and newspapers that made the false accusations refuse to give the accused an opportunity to defend themselves. And even if pro-gun organizations offer to pay the media and newspapers for advertising to establish a platform to reply in their defense, the Leftmedia refuses to take their money and refuses to allow them a means of debate. This is accomplished via the media fraud entitled "public service safety policy."

    Because the media is supposedly opposed to gun violence, gun crime, crime in general, and horrific gun accidents, "newspapers" take a "public service safety policy" stance that not only denies pro-Second Amendment groups a voice, but refuses all gun-related advertising, and subjects guns and pro-gun groups to a crushing vise composed of demagogue politicians, tiny, highly publicized minority gun control groups, and innocent but misinformed citizens who are thoroughly convinced that they are members of a "good cause."

    If the latter innocents were subtracted from the membership roles of the activist groups' clamoring for the abolition of firearms, only the editorial staff of the Times and demagogues such as Kennedy, Schumer, Feinstein, Boxer and Mikulski would be left. Carolyn McCarthy should be ranked along with the innocently ignorant and misinformed.

    Hence, only a few thousand people are really pushing gun control. In repeated polls and population assessments, 70 percent or 210 million Americans do not want more gun control. Yet this handful of lefties is socking it to Americans. A few hundred top-tier and middle-layered gun controllers, and a total of 546 politicians in Washington, DC are winning! Is that freedom? Is that fairness? Is that justice?

    If the under-representation of the true will of America is now being so totally suppressed and overruled, can you just imagine what will happen when the thousand or so tyrants finally get their way, as they eventually will? Thank God for professionally organized criminals, ones who believe in the free market! Thank God for organized crime and their "black market." They will soon be doing a thriving gun business selling illegal firearms to law-abiding citizens, while the criminals in Washington continue to enjoy their secret government.

    Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer.

    © 2003 The Sierra Times
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