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  1. guywright

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    Mar 21, 2011
    I am afraid I have gotten cross-eyed trying to identify an Iver Johnson Pistol I received from my fathers estate. I was saddened to see that Mr. Goforth had passed as I had come across many of his posts and his expertise was impressive. In all of these discussions, I have read about pistols that come close to what I have, there was always one difference - the location of the serial number. On my pistol the serial number (42615) exists in two places. On the grip frame at the bottom of the grip, and under the top latch (the cylinder must be removed to see it). So here goes.

    Nickle plated small frame with hammer and black grips. The owl looks towards the barrel.
    The barrel is 3" long. The cylinder is .945 long.
    A box of .32 ammo came with the gun - so assume it is .32 cal.
    It is double action, 5 shot, break open, with single post which serves as rear sight.
    The cylinder spins freely - so I believe that and the owl indicate black powder only.
    Under the grips there is a single leaf hammer spring. No other stamps exist under the grips.
    The top of the barrel is stamped as follows:
    Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works Fitchburg Mass USA
    PATD Apr 6 86 Feb 15 87 May 10 87 Dec 26 93 PATS PENDING.
    Under magnification there appears to be a small square with an "X" inside at the beginning and end of the barrel top stamp - probably part of the stamp itself.

    Well, that's it. Tried to take some pictures but camera battery died. Will follow up with same if it helps. I understand that value is subjective - but I am really curious as to when this little "pocket pistol" was made.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. tonkaman

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    Mar 28, 2010
    i also just came upon two of these pistols, one is an Iver johnson .38cal and the other is a US revolver co. .32cal im also wondering on the kind of rounds i can safley run through them. or just hang em on the wall with the other misfits? sorry not trying to thread jack here or anything.

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