Another J.P. Sauer & Sohn, Suhl cal. 7,65

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  1. Catdaddyxx

    Catdaddyxx New Member

    Jul 7, 2011
    I recieved this handgun from my grandfather. Somewhat unconventional but he was a used car salesman. There was a guy that couldn't afford full price and gave him this pistol as part of the payment.

    It's obviously horribly pockmarked. I neutralized and removed the rust without abrasives, but I was affraid to do much else to it to keep from hurting the value. If it has any value at all. It does not have a holster or even a clip. He "hid" the clip and it never re-surfaced. I found a clip from another gun at a gun show that works. But of course that's a moot point to its value. The gun does however fire and cycle just fine. It does have the cocking/decocking lever and safety.

    I believe the grips are original and do have the S&S on the left side. They have a nice patena to them and I know for a fact that they have been on there since the 50's.

    The serial number is #269715. It has J.P. SAUER & SOHN SUHL, CAL 7,65 on the left side and the serial and PANTENT on the right side. There are no other markings on the pistol.

    So, what do you experts think? Worth anything or should I start considering selling it's parts? Since I'm not a collector and have no emotional attachment to it, I'm probably looking to get rid of it. I have several handguns on my want list and I don't see myself ever carrying or shooting this one.

    Thanks and salutations!







  2. Jim K

    Jim K New Member

    Dec 6, 2009
    It is a Sauer Model 38H, in 7.65mm Browning or what we call .32 ACP. The grips are almost certainly not original, although they were copied from the originals. I think if you remove them you might find the word "Franzite" in the inside.

    Those guns in top condition can run to $500+. Unfortunately, that one would probably not bring more than $150, if that due to its condition. If functional, it would be a good defense gun within the limitations of the caliber. Watch the slide safety, though; it works the opposite of the more common Walthers - down is fire, up (straight ahead) is safe. The lever in front of the grip is a cocking/decocking lever, a system still used on current Sauer pistols.


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