Another "Little Johnny"

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    One day, the teacher was explaining to her third grade class about hunger in the third world. After finishing her story she asked if anyone could draw a picture on the blackboard illustrating starvation.

    The first hand up was little Johnny. The teacher, well versed in past episodes of little Johnny's chose the boy sitting behind him instead.

    The little boy walked up to the blackboard, drew a large circle. inside the circle, he drew what looked like a tiny pork chop, and a tiny ear of corn.
    When he finished, the teacher asked him to explain.
    "Well teacher, the circle is a dinner plate, and on it is one tiny piece of meat, and one tiny piece of corn. That is what I think starvation looks like."

    "Thats nice." Said the teacher, "But that could still be a meal for someone. anyone else care to try?"

    Little Johnny started pumping his hand up and down, trying to get her attention. She ignored him and called on a little girl this time.

    She walked up to the blackboard, and drew a large circle too. Inside the circle, she Drew two dots. The little girl explained that the circle was a plate, and the two dots were peas.

    "That's better." Said the teacher. "But that's still food, anyone else?"

    The only hand still up was Johnny's. By this time, he was jumping up and down in is seat. What harm can come of this? the teacher thought.

    "OK, Johnny. Come on up, but remember I'm watching you!"

    Johnny Walks up to the board, draws a equally large circle. Then starts scribbling lines all inside the circle. Proudly, he sets the chalk down and turn to the teacher.

    "That looks like a plate full of spaghetti! How can that be a picture of starvation?" She asks.

    "That's not a plate of spaghetti." Johnny explains. "That's a butthole, and those line are cobwebs. If that ain't starvation,I don't know what is!
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    She knew better to start with!:D


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    I sometimes think we all have one of those in our neighborhoods. Or at least close. :D:D:;)
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