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| Del All another "little unit" story
We all enjoyed the story from Mithrander about "The Little Unit That Could",, well, I guess this one should be called "The Little Unit That Shouldn't Have!"

While preparing for REFORGER '77 at Ft Carson, my AG detachment did not have a lot to do. It took us all of about 10 days to get everything lined out for deployment. So, we had a lot of time on our hands. When the Provisional Battalion we were a part of, plus the other units involved, where sent to the field to train for the "war games" we would be having in Germany, our AG unit was assigned the duties of playing "aggressors". Actually, this was kind of fun, as we were basically chair-borne rangers, and did not get involved in this type action very often. We had a few ex-grunts in our group, so we were not totally lost.

Ok, here is the sitrep:
There is an S&T (supply & transportation, usually a battalion in a division, but just a reinforced company for this exercise)bivouacked at an opening of a narrow valley. They have set up their vehicles properly, but have placed their mess tent right out in the open. We learned later the mess supervisor did not want to "contaminate" the food preparation by having everything under camouflage I think they were just being lazy.
Our mission, as aggressors, is to make an attack on this unit. I think the Bn CO knew they were not ready. We decided to do an early morning attack. We had all the weapons and ammo (blanks of course) we needed, plus lots of CS (tear gas, for you non-military types). We had converted our jeep to a gun jeep, carrying a M-60,with driver (me), commander, (an E8) and a gunner, plus had a 5-quarter with 2 M-60s(driver, 2 gunners, 2 asst. gunners) and a squad of 10 riflemen (and women). (A foot note here; this was the first time Ft Carson and the 4th Inf. Div had allowed female solders to "play war" with weapons and actually be involved in "attacking" an enemy)
So, its 0445, the S&T troops are just getting out of their bags, the smell of coffee and frying bacon is drifting across the floor of the valley, when down off of the ridge directly to the east comes these 2 vehicles, weapons firing, troops yelling ,,making all kinds of fuss and muss! The S&T troops are caught totally by surprise. They had guards out, but most of them had been asleep. We just roared right past the guards, firing in all directions. The 5-quarter stopped near the mess tent and raked the area with fire. We in the gun jeep drove down to where we could see the CP, dropped 2 canisters of CS in front of the tent, raked it with fire, turned and drove back past the mess tent. As we passed the tent, we dropped 4 more canisters of CS, then made a hasty retreat, the 5-quarter following, all the while keeping up our fire. Not one of the S&T troops even picked up a weapon, much less returned fire. When we had hit the CP, we could see the company officers inside having coffee, and I guess, being briefed. They were all in that one small tent. We got them all.

Needless to say, we were "flushed" with victory. But, our joy was not long lived. By the time we returned to our bivouac area, our CO was waiting. He had already received a call from the CO of the S&T unit, bitching about us "ruining" their breakfast. It is amazing what a little CS gas can do to scrambled eggs. Later, our CO was called to see the BN CO. I wish I could have been there. It is my understanding that all hell was raised over the "unnecessary" loss of all that food! I really think it was more about the S&T CO's wounded pride. In the end, it was decided we would no longer be allowed to use CS. Maybe we violated the Geneva Convention or something. Our Captain told us later that, as he was leaving, the Bn CO followed him out and told him he thought we had done great, however, it was Army and 4th Div policy not to use CS around any food being served. But the LtCol appeared happy we had taught the S&T unit a few valuable lessons. And the after action report he wrote to the Div CO never mentioned the loss of the food.

So, causality list:
Pleased Bn LtCol 1
Embarrassed S&T company commanders: 1
Pissed off S&T cooks and troops 250
Proud AG captain 1
Happy, But tired AG troops 18

Pretty good odds,,,,,,

Ah, the good old days,,,,

Stan H ,, nighthawk

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Re: another "little unit" story
Stan-excellent story! I always love it when the "little guys" (and in this case gals) bloody the nose of the "High and Mighty". After all, had it been actual combat then spoiled eggs would have been the least of their worries.

BTW, the "edit" I did to your post was to turn off the Emoticons option to clean up a smiley face with shades that was supposed to be an E8. [8 plus ) = ]

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another "little unit" story
A good read Hawk...cute and funny with the good guys winning the day. Always like seeing the "little units" coming out on top.

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(11/14/01 11:16:31 am)
| Del Re: another "little unit" story
funny how each of us percieve things differently......

my guys LIKED those scrambled eggs with thier CS in the morning......

It was the pancakes that tasted terrible.......

good story.....

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