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Another Quick giveaway

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I liked CampingJosh's quick giveaway so much that I thought I'd do one as well.

Item is a new, unopened set of 6" digital calipers, though Made in china. I use this exact same type of set at my bench. I've checked them against my machine tools calipers that I use for rebuilding tractor engines. they are -as- acurate.

Delivered free to the winner of this drawing.

item# 47257

US residents only, sorry, shipping overseas, other than us territories is just too involved for me.
Must NOT have voted for Obama
Must NOT own digital calipers
Only the first six (6) entries will be included. Once six are in, I will roll a die to determine the winner.

I will draw whenever I see six entries. Good luck!
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I have a set of digital ones but it recently bought the farm, so to speak, can I enter?
sounds like you meet the rules definition, your in.
I don't have a set of digital calipers and I voted for Romney cam I be in ?
I don't have any calipers. I know that Harbor Frieght calipers are good used em before. Can I be in
I don't have a set of digital calipers and I certainly didn't vote for Obama!
I didn't vote for oBo and don't own digital calipers. Count me in please.!
Count me in please
ok.. got 6 in, will post results as soon as I find my random number generator.
Winner is #1, so gdmoody!

GD, contact my via pm so i can get your mailing address.
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Never thought I would win, THANKS. I answered your PM.

I dropped my set last week and have been using some scotch tape to hold it together. These will be put to good use!!
Congrats gmoody
Congrats gmoody
Congrats gdmoody!
I picked up the new Caliper this morning. It is much nicer than the one I killed a couple of week ago. Thanks Chris.
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