Anschutz semi-auto changes...

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    Reply Anschutz semi-auto changes...
    Hey folks,
    I've got an Anschutz semi-auto. It's a Mod 525 - 10 shot, cast receiver (heavy!), parkerized & blue, take-down, 19" barrel.

    I want to shorten the barrel... Who's up to speed on velocity & accuracy trade-offs with reduced barrel length?

    I'm going to put a threaded muzzle-can on it.
    This rifle is used to (primarily) shoot the aussie brush-tailed possum, spotlighting over short ranges (less than 50 metres).

    Other thing, the barrel slides into the receiver, scope mounts on the receiver... not the best for accuracy. If I atp a cantilever scope mount on board the bbl, then this should improve the whole shootin match? How 'bout tapping straight mounts to the bbl & mounting a long eye-relief scope.... look a little more stupid. Hmmm.

    Any recommendations? Your collective wisdoms on this matter.... This was my first rifle - saved for a year at 15!
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