Ansley H. Fox 12 ga side by side

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    Jun 3, 2012
    I have inherited a Ansley H. Fox side by side 12 ga shotgun. It was made in 1905 or 1906, has the serial number 15586 and the letter C. It has 3 main pieces, the stock, a 28" barrel and a 32" barrel and all 3 pieces have the same serial number. This gun is very ornate with extensive engraving of hunting scenes(birds on both sides and a dog pointing on the bottom). has automatic ejectors and a single trigger. I think it is in excellent condition. A beautiful, working gun. Can anyone help me with it's value?
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    Aug 28, 2008
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    Welcome to the forum.
    By your description you have a 12 gauge CE grade with two sets of barrels, auto ejectors and single trigger. A great combination. With the 15586 SN, I would put the build date around 1910 +/-. For anyone to give you a reasonably good estimate of value, lots of good, focused pictures with some close ups would be very helpful. Even better, an in hand inspection by someone familiar with collectible vintage doubles.
    Your gun could be worth a few thousand dollars depending on condition and if the gun is all original. Condition and originality determines the price and with the features your gun has, could be very desirable.
    Can you post some pictures for us. If you need help with posting pictures, send me a Private Message and I can post them for you.
    By the way, what part of the country you from. From your name, could it be the Philadelphia area?
    Hope this helps.

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