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Hello, I inherited an Ansley H. Fox shotgun and would like to find out its worth. When you open the gun there is a number 2607C. When you take the bottom piece off there is a 2607 with either an I or a 1 under the number. The barrels said Fluid Steel (something - can't make it out) The piece around the trigger has 2607 on it. Top of barrels have "Krupp Fluid Steel Made by A H Fox Gun Co. Phila PA" The side piece has "Ansley H Fox" with two quail and something that looks like a compass. The bottom has a dog and some designs on it.

The stock was redone about 25 years ago (made shorter - I know not a good move). I have a few more pictures if you need to see them. Thank you.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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