Anti gun greeny government workers shoot defenceless dogs

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    A NSW council caught taking unwanted dogs to the local tip, shooting them in the head and throwing their bodies on to piles of rubbish is under investigation by the RSPCA.
    Gloucester Shire Council went into damage control after its euthanasia practices were revealed by local pensioner Keith Whittall, who witnessed the shootings late last month.
    "I was gut-wrenched, just totally shocked," he said yesterday. "I was up at the tip and the ranger came in with these dogs on board.
    "I watched this bloke drive down the back, I heard the 'pop, pop, pop, pop' of him shooting the dogs, then he drove over to the general waste and just threw them straight off the back of his ute on to the household rubbish."
    Sickening photos show 11 dead dogs, including five puppies, lying unburied on piles of garbage.
    RSPCA chief inspector David O'Shannessy said while euthanasia by shooting was not illegal, it was widely frowned upon by the community.
    He said the matter was under investigation to determine whether the killings were humane.
    "The fact that it is barbaric and not acceptable from a community perspective is a fair comment, but the fact it doesn't sit well with public perception or the community's attitude doesn't mean they've committed an offence," he said.
    Planning and environment director Graham Gardner said the council had previously considered introducing euthanasia by lethal injection, but there were too many difficulties with staff training, obtaining appropriate drugs and maintaining a site where it could be done.
    "So the process was abandoned and shooting was accepted as the process that would occur," he said.
    "It's not something we do very regularly."
    Gloucester Mayor Geoff Slack said the council had immediately halted the practice until the completion of a review. He claimed he was "totally unaware" of the council's euthanasia methods until Mr Whittall spoke out.
    The RSPCA is speaking to witnesses who have come forward and expects to conclude its investigation next week.

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    some background

    the same people who did this have filed 1400+ reports that have lost others their firearm permits , they have formed protest groups to stop pro hunters from killing feral cats and dogs in the area but do this themselves to save a few dollars ??

    watch out as they'll be looking for work soon and the last lot of liberal types we exposed a couple of em took off for the USA
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    Can't go to the link. Don't want to see it.

    Buy this or not..every time I see a dead animal on the road, I mentally bless it, and do it twice more. Once for all the pets we've had that have moved on, and once for all the animals I will miss, before I see the next one.

    Don't take but a couple seconds. No harm done, and I feel better for them. Tad weird I guess.

    Dollars and cents will make the final decision on what the cop did. We have had a No Kill humane society here for the past six years. Expensive to keep going. Having lots of volunteers has made the difference. :thumbsup:

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    That's as bad as PETA in VA, USA killing dogs and putting them in a shopping center trash bin.
    These people will demand your arrest for shooting a feral cat, or a fox, then demand you have your guns taken away. Makes me sick.

    I hope they all rot in h3ll.
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    People Eating Tasty Animals
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