Any Chilean Steyr M1912 Authorities?

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    Oct 30, 2010
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    Ok so i purchased one a couple weeks ago from my local gun show for 150.00 I bought it because i like buying things with history. Anyways its 7mm Mauser and looks to be all original except the bolt was replaced my #'s dont match there. But i was reading about on the Chilean models on the stock left side is supposed to be the Chilean crest with 1912 under it and on the other side is supposed to be a "proof" mark. Well mine is blank where the crest should be i can see the outline of a circle and rectangle but nothing is stamped into it. On the right side where there should be a proof mark is a number 85. Does anyone know what the 85 would mean or why if mine was destined for Chile The stock doesn't have the crest? The upper reciever has it. I thank anyone in advance that can help with any information about this rifle.