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(3/6/02 11:22:22 am)
Reply | Edit | Del All Any good loads for the Gew.88 Commission rifle?
Got one of these that actually has about a .318 bore... I say about because I tried slugging the bore using a standard .323 soft lead bullet and it was damn near impossible to drive it through. On checking it with the micrometer, it was so distorted I couldn't get a good reading; however a .315 round ball just fell through.

So anyhow, what powder/bullet combos would be good for this gun? Question two, do I need a new set of loading dies? I imagine my standard 8mm Mauser set woudl work for bullet seating, but as for resizing, I am stumped. One guy recommended replacing the expander rod with that from a .32 Winchester Special or the .32-40 die, which might work, but it seems to me that the die itself needs to squeeze the brass down before the expander can do its job, no? And if the die only squeezes the brass down enough for a .323 bullet, the new expander would be useless. Am I right? He claims to have loaded several thousand rounds this way.
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