any info on my .30 cal winchester carbine

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  1. .30 cal carbine

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    Dec 9, 2010
    i have a .30 cal winchester carbine model #5758320 with blue sky arlington ,va on the barrel also has a rock-ola inprint if anybody can help i'd really appreciate it thanks
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  2. jim brady

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    Sounds like a late-war production Winchester M1 Carbine. A lot of carbines have popped up latey on this forum, and about alll I can do is give you the 'canned' answer. Looks like your Carbine is a re-import from over seas("Blue Sky"), and it is one of the vast number that went thru post-war re-builds (rock-ola barrel).

    Winchester M1 Carbines are prized over the other 9 or 10 WW2 makers to collectors, but being what purists call a "Mix-Master", the value drops into the shooter category. There are people who re-build these rifles with 'original parts', but collectors frown on this.

    As a shooter, my guess would be $400 to $600 in value. If it were an original with all Winchester parts, the value could double that. I'd leave it as it is and enjoy shooting it. Have fun!

  3. wonderwhippet

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    Jan 10, 2003
    The Blue Sky import marking is the worst of the importer stamps. For some reason they struck the barrels very hard with the marking die, leaving a deep imprint. Additionally, the bore was often distorted by the hard strike. It does detract from the value of the piece, and these usually change hands for about $450.
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    .30 cal carbine

    Blue Sky imported these from Korea (Korean War leftovers) and a lot of them were assembled from parts.
    This was before the gun control act.
    From the sound of it; you have one of these.

    It may be possible that some components of your carbine are of the M2 variant (Full auto select fire).

    The M2 stock has a "full belly" to allow for the actuator; and a slot; about 1" long next to the left side of the reciever for the selector.
    The bolt is "round"; not a "flat top": as used in the earlier M1's.
    The lower reciever has a hole drilled through for the selector lever; and the hammer may be of the M2 variant.

    A long tjme ago; when gun shows were held in the National Guard Armories; I would look for these Blue Sky Cabines and inspect them for thier M2 heritage. You'd be suprised at how many I found!

    Maybe this is why the present administration is putting the kabosh on the import of "surpluss" .30 carbines?

    Welcome to TFF!
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  5. .30 cal carbine

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    Dec 9, 2010
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