Any mechanics or painters with unknown fatigue?

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    May 6, 2004
    Valdez, Alaska
    .... similar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFIDS or 'gulf war syndrome?'

    A mechanic shared that he was spraying something to get a rusty bolt unstuck,
    and he came down with a fatigue syndrome (CFS or CFIDS?).
    A painter's relative shared with me that her brother won a case against Dupont for damage he had from paint ... he almost died. After the X-wife took half and the attorney & other costs, there wasn't much left for him. Now, many years later, he had surgery on a leg and it has not healed in 2 years. The doctor has no clue. I shared, "I have been studying the real chemical of harm in paint, and it's not lead like they want you to believe, it is 2-butoxyethanol!"

    Actually, Fuller O'Brien will now disclose ethylene glycol and say it causes kidney damage ...
    but when you ask WHICH ethylene glycol, they will not say!
    It is most likely ethylene glycol monobutyl ether
    ... the chemical of harm during the Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup ... and since the Dept of Defense purchased 'Corexit' from the failed attempts at cleanup ... I also suspect this chemical is the real cause of gulf war syndrome

    A helps tip:
    Compiled by Julia Kendall who died from chemical poisoning (1935 - 1997)
    On one of her links, I find the following information:
    "2-Butoxy-1-Ethanol or butyl cellosolve are in most aerosol propellants."
    Now, the latter is the name Dow Chemical uses for 2-butoxyethanol. They are synonyms
    Ah ha! And so is 2-butoxy-1-ethanol

    Harmed by Simple Green

    Here are more helps on how to find the fatigue,
    then go to the first part of the thread
    VERY valuable information!
    Please share with your doctor!
    Most doctors must see these patients regularly

    However, they expect the regular blood work to show up anemia in blood,
    and in the case of this particular type of chemical poisoning, IT DOES NOT!
    You have to look at the red blood cells: size, shape, membranes; what is the retic ratio over time? What are the red blood cell counts, over time? Track your own blood health Ask the doctor to check for acquired autoimmune hemolytic anemia.

    ... what Exxon did in 1989 that's how I learned about 2-butoxyethanol
    ... what the chemical companies did
    We are talking about a lot of money ...
    if the govt stops the use/sale of these chemicals
    I wonder how much the US Dept of Defense has paid for these?

    There is still harm to troops AND the average citizen

    A man asked me about 'Scrubbing Bubbles'
    Do you see anything of concern in these ingredients?

    This is what he queried,
    OK, I found Scrubbing Bubbles here:
    Size it up to the 100% and you will see the first listed ingredient
    as diethylene glycol monobutyl ether (this is 2-2-butoxyethanol) at 10% strength that is definitely NOT safe.

    Does this product have an EPA registered number on it?
    I think it would have to,
    Lysol 'Tub n Tile and Lysol Kitchen disinfectant do,
    and I suspect this chemical on both,
    but have just confirmed it on the 'tub n tile
    Note that this Lysol product is 5.99% concentration of diethylene glycol monobutyl ether... and it states the EPA number and that this is a pesticide; but that the health hazard is minimal. That's an oxymoron!

    OK, but other countries are worse than we are ... and we are HORRIBLE
    about disclosure ... but still better than other countries

    A worker bought a whole box of small paint spray cans... written in Chinese or something ... I said, do you know how hazardous this must be? If you can't read the can, don't buy it

    I must share that spray versions are the WORST, because
    the worst exposure to this chemical is at the cuticle area AND the eye membranes

    To everyone harmed with CFIDS, 'gulf war syndrome' symptoms,
    regardless of military or non-military, or service period ...

    I can't tell you how much you are needed for this cause

    The fatigue and the rest of it, I truly believe is from 2-butoxyethanol poisoning.
    This chemical has been around since the 1930s and in widespread use shortly after that.

    The fatigue has not been found, but is findable; when all harmed by it are found to have hemolytic anemia - the proof is there

    Even those who have died already may have had past medical info showing blood in urine, and too many immature red blood cells, or too elevated 'retic' counts with a severe attack Maybe Sue, too?

    You are still fighting for the USA, soldier; we need your help
    (and everyone else, too!)

    The concerns you voice have been stated by many, many people
    No one is looking in the right direction, but when they do, the evidence will be remarkable.

    Please hang in there, for us, for your buddies, for the newborns, for everyone

    Share this web page with anyone who will receive your e-mails!

    The research of Dr. Haley is very good; it is one aspect of 2-butoxyethanol's harm. It is true what he says and there is nothing in this diagnosis of the fatigue that would be contrary to that.

    Most people look at the central nervous system damage;
    but the fatigue is an area that all will look alike in, if I'm right;
    YOU have the proof of my theory.

    No one else must be harmed by this chemical

    Once we get an accurate diagnosis, then a cure can be sought

    YOU must not get any more exposure to it ... study up ... and avoid it!
    Many cancer groups such as prostate cancer, and diabetes groups (those with sudden onset, very high blood sugar) should be checked for this chemical's harm: acquired autoimmune hemolytic anemia! even though there is nothing showing in the regular blood work to direct doctors in this direction.

    I suspect this same chemical of being the cause of CFS, CFIDS, 'gulf war syndrome' And it causes lots of other things, too

    This is a problem that many, many other citizen's have, but only because there was a group of wonderful soldiers that were stricken as a group ... can we see its harm. Compare them to the Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup workers, 'the bioremediation workers' with known exposure to this chemical ... and they will look alike in the FATIGUE!

    Will these groups 'look like' the workers who were health damaged from the Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup? In particular the US Navy who monitored and helped with the Corexit trials? and the 'bioremediation' workers in particular AND the US Coast Guard who monitored them (meaning they had similar exposure to 2-butoxyethanol)?

    (By the way, The Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup Robbed our Nation of ANWAR!)

    I thank the gulf war vets for bringing this to our attention.

    God bless you all; I am so sorry you have had to suffer so much

    The studies on this chemical have been out there for decades, too;
    but most of the time they test the mice and rats by ingesting the chemical;
    that may amount to very little exposure, but try misting it!

    It's a tornado chemical, if you ask me; comes and goes quickly,
    but leaves behind damaged DNA (?), Central Nervous system, but first and foremost,
    it damages the BLOOD ... & you know the rest

    By the way, one gulf war vet who was very sensitive to any chemicals,
    shared with me that a product which did help her for cleaning,
    was Meloluca (sp?)

    For 'gulf war syndrome' vets, why has the focus been on sarin, shots, depleted uranium?

    Letter to the American Legion

    Any Marines and other military out there? [​IMG]

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    Thanks, Mother!

    I sent it to concerned parties in need of this info.

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    May 6, 2004
    Valdez, Alaska

    ... that's the point ... to help people

    Once they can get an accurate diagnosis on the fatigue,

    you are half way there ... to focusing on a cure,

    and stop the experimenting on these dear souls

    Many of the tests, if they are unnecessary, expensive, and painful,
    can be avoided and REAL HELP may be on the way.

    I'm just an info person, people like you will help to spead the word,
    and hopefully interest those in the medical profession

    It took me over 3 years to realize how to find this fatigue and to realize how widespread it was. So, although it looks like a long post, it is abbreviated from the many other web pages that I've written, finding out this 'n that.

    People should track their own red blood cell counts; the reticulocyte counts and the ferritin counts over time. I think the ferritin gets low (but still in normal range) and that it has something to do with making red blood cells; and with proteins, which all of the body parts need ... & can lead to aching joints, for instance? Also tracking urinalysis after fatigue began, to see how long blood shows up in urine; ask the doctor to study the red blood cells.

    Also, you will often see thyroid ailments and lyme disease list the mutliple, odd symptoms of this chemical's harm. Hmm... which came first? .... the chicken or the egg?

    If the web pages don't come up, try back. I'm working with a new domain server.
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    I work in the auto repair world myself. I am around a body shop or a mechanic shop often and do alot of work on cars on the side. The chemicals are very very dangerous. The new paints are worse than the old stuff. i went to a couse that DuPont runs and I will tel you I will NEVER EVER paint without a paint suit and supplied air . This stuff is deadly.
    Another bad one is brakeclean. Read the can and beware. it is a major carcingen.
    Chemicals can be our best friends or the worst enemy. use caution and dont cut safety corners. it isnt worth the time saved.
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    May 6, 2004
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    Oct 6, 2004
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    The reality is basically all chemicals can be bad and it is worse when used incorrectly.I assume them all dangerous. I never rely on anyone, govt or companies to disclose. I dont let the wife clean the tub and tile, I use a heavy tile cleaner and use my paint pray mask to help keep the chemicals out. it works. Its also a good thing to point out that often the long term effects are not known , since a product may not be out that long at the time.
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    May 6, 2004
    Valdez, Alaska
    You are on the right track

    You're on the right track, MrMagnum.

    Young people, in particular, think they are invincible
    ... nothing will harm them.

    This thread shared on a web page

    In particular, these symptoms
    ... for the harm of 2-butoxyethanol to be considered

    An example of 'the chills'

    A good article
    Why 2-butoxyethanol needs to be consided
    along with other sources of harm for the 'gulf war syndrome' troops
    (then & now) ... and the public, too, of course

    For your 'signature'
    or just boogie anyway!

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    Mar 16, 2006
    i had clean houses for 15 years. i know i used scrub free for at lest 7 years. in 1992 my blood work anemia with damage red blood cell. do you what scrub free contained in the 80? i cleanded 2 to 3 houses a day each house had 2 and 1/2 bathrooms. thank you for any help you can give. it seems i have had anemia in 1992 to today with abnormal red blood cell .

    venisa :rolleyes:
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    great topic

    Great topic )))))))))))))