Any Nazi artifact, CSA money, RR items experts on board...

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    My son is tearing down a house for his girl friend so they can build a new one on the spot. He found a Hitler Youth knife with no sheath and a German mess spoon with swastika on it. Anyone know anything about these? IF so i will Pm you pictures as to what you think they are worth. Joey's GF's grand father, the house was her grand parents, was in WWII and brought these back. They want to sell them being neither want anything to do with Nazi items.

    Also they found a WHOLE stack of confederate money on excellent condition except for a couple of $100 bills. Anyone know what CSA money is worth these days. They are real and all issued in Richmond. he gave them to me and I was wondering what they could be worth. All denominations, $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, & $100 bills. Maybe 30-50 in all. The GF's father and grand father worked in a auction house for 40 years total so some of the stuff like the CSA money came through it.

    The grand father's day job was on the RR. he had 3 chamber steam whistles from locomotives, rail road jacks, and lots more RR stuff. The GF wants Joey to sell it all. She inherited the land and wants to build them a place to live on it so they are going to sell what they can and might sell the 1 tract of the land that does not touch the main tract.

    Any WWII Nazi experts, CSA money experts, or RR experts; let me know and I will see if I can pick your brains as to values as well as the best place to sell the items.

    I appreciate ANY help at all.
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