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I think it's a top performer for self-defense carry.

When we go crazy looking, searching, comparing,
and discussing knives here, sometimes we forget
to look in our own backyard.
We have a resident knife aficionado with a pedigree
that's longer than any race horse's, right here on TFF.
I never hear of anyone looking at or buying his knives.
He doesn't need us, he is world famous. You need a good knife,
you need Bill.
It's been a couple yrs since I was in his shop.....I used to load
my truck next to him.He's a little cranky, but he is no-nonsense.....
[sorry Bill, just kiddin'] And if you think you can't afford one of his...
I would bet he would do you some layaway. You will never find a
BETTER KNIFE.You will never find a more knowledgeable knife guy either.
Check him out....he's famous....and he's TFF family.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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