Any one use WW296 or Hogden H110 for Mugnum loads?

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    Oct 18, 2003
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    296 is also an interesting powder for the .22 Hornet.
    Probably due to a very long shoulder, powders that work well in the .357, and .44 Mag, work to give top velocity in the Hornet, though the shoulder of the K-Hornet would scare me with these powders.
    A 40 gr bullet, with 11.7 of 296, in my Brno, gives just over 3,000fps, accurately!
    I know of no other powder which will exceed Win. factory velocity by anything close.
    In my Marlin 1894's, it's all I use in both .357, and .44Mag.
    2400 is accurate, but dirty; 296 is pretty clean. Loads for these guns exceed considerably the recommended max for Colts, and by a bit what I would use in a Ruger.
    Gonna try next in a .45 LC Win '94 Trapper; I can fit a 300 grain buttet in there!
    Will report after my next range day.
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