Any Washington Staters here?

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    Does anyone have an opinion on this? Whaddaya think?;_ylt=ArQNUnu9T4y8blpA_BCIb81H2ocA

    Yahoo! News
    Wash. state to test 'enhanced' licenses

    By CURT WOODWARD, Associated Press WriterSat Mar 24, 5:59 AM ET

    High-security driver's licenses aimed at letting U.S. citizens return from Canada without a passport could be adopted elsewhere if Washington state's experiment works, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said.

    The pilot project, signed into law by Gov. Chris Gregoire and formally approved by Chertoff on Friday, calls for Washington to begin issuing new "enhanced" driver's licenses in January.

    They will look much like conventional driver's licenses, but will be loaded with proof of citizenship and other information that can be easily scanned at the border.

    Radio frequency ID chips and other advanced security features also would make the enhanced licenses less vulnerable to forgery. At about $40, they also would be less expensive than a $97 passport.

    Chertoff's endorsement of the pilot project comes as border states prepare for new federal security requirements mandating a passport for travelers — including U.S. citizens — who enter the country by sea or land from elsewhere in the Western Hemisphere.

    That requirement is expected to take effect between early 2008 and mid-2009; a similar rule for air travelers already is in force.

    Washington state officials are particularly sensitive to the new rule because of the extensive tourist traffic between the state and neighboring British Columbia, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

    Chertoff praised the enhanced driver's license project, and said he expects other border states to follow Washington's lead.

    "I'm quite sure other states that want to use the same technology and the same approach will be welcome to do so," he told a news conference. "The whole idea here is giving a series of alternatives, as long as they meet the same basic standards."

    Gregoire, a Democrat, said the enhanced ID's security features also could help combat identity theft.

    "It is security for our nation and our state. But it's also security for the individual," she said.

    The enhanced licenses will not be mandatory for Washington drivers. Those who want to get the enhanced version will go through an in-person interview, and will have to show proof of citizenship, Gregoire adviser Antonio Ginatta said.

    State and federal officials are still working out details about whether particular crimes would prevent a person from getting the enhanced license, Ginatta said.

    Along with being less expensive, the enhanced licenses will be available faster than the six-to-eight-week wait for a passport, Gregoire said.

    Canada does not have similar passport requirements for U.S. travelers heading north. But Stockwell Day, Canada's public safety minister, said Canadian officials share the security concerns that prompted the new rules.

    "Nine-eleven was an event of horrendous proportions that has certainly galvanized us," Day said Friday. "Canadians also died in those towers."
  2. Lead Lobber

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    Jan 3, 2007
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    Seems a duplication of efforts, to me. Given that a passport is now required (this was announced well in advance, if one reads newspapers) to leave the USA and/or return from Canada/Mexico, this measure seems unnecessary to me.

    Born in Washington, and now a California resident, it seems to me Washington (state) might be trying to waste tax dollars too quickly. Just ask for the passports now required, and worry about the "One Ring Rules All" identfication system our big brother is still slobbering over, with an odious desire to control us even further with a "National ID" system. Any further ID data needs to be integrated into the current international (I know, it is still country by country, but we need a world wide passport system, so get to it you worthless politicians - and open/concealed carry will be legal for all honest citizens). So, I support a world ID card, but would resist medical implants, unless applicants are Mormon Muslims, or some some other murderous sect, in which instance I would suggest instant elimination, by what ever means available.

    Or else - with citizens unable to protect them selves, the criminals take over.

    The only value of such a system would be to track criminals. Honest armed citizens can care for themselves, and others, repelling criminal types like a light in a cockroach infested kitchen.

    We can shoot down any federal/state/county/municipal laws that go against the 2A later, but a better plan would be to start shooting now at (figuratively speaking - with verbal/legal ammo) citizens that support disarming the militia.

    LL - thanks for the use of the hall, and sorry about any typos :)

  3. catfish83861

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    Nov 15, 2006
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    Having been stationed in Washington for several years and watching the Northward march of Liberalism this does not surprise me in the least. Remember this, she only won the election after the third vote count.You know the only one she received the most votes in.:mad:
  4. WarSteed

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    Mar 6, 2007
    I'm here in WA. i won't be paying the extra 40 bucks..might as well just get the passport that you can use anywhere.
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