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Anybody shoot .218 Bee?

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Stopped in a shop just to browse for another option for a walking around varmint gun and they had a SWEET Ruger #1 virtually unfired, with the cantelever mount but no scope, NICE grain walnut, in .218 Bee for $799...

Now I think that is a little high, ESPECIALLY in that old round..but the .218 Bee intrigues me, like halfway between the Hornet and the .222....and I LIKE old .22 centerfire varmint be different....;)

I knew an "Old Timer" years ago that swore by his Winchester lever in Bee for 'Chucks, but even back THEN complained how hard it was to find ammo or brass...

And the #1....probably as beautiful a rifle as ever made, but have heard they can be a bear to get to shoot well, for every one that is a tack driver out of the box there seem to be two or three that guys have struggled with foreend shims and screw tension and other stuff trying to get them to shoot a group worth a damm....:cool:

Any thoughts on a #1 in Bee?
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The .218 bee is a great cartridge I think, it never really gained much popularity for very long as there are better rounds out there but it has it's purpose. Great mid range varmit gun, devestates squirrels, bunnies, chucks, etc...

I've reloaded for it (my father has a winchester bolt gun in the bee) and shot it here and there and want to do some more down the road with this gun. Even did some home cast bullets although I like the jacketed stuff in the little .22's better.

$800 is a bit high even for that chambering (being fairly rare) in a used no.1 but it's not crazy overpriced if it's in decent shape.

My no.1 in .458 has yet to print consistent groups from load to load, gotten the occasional near MOA groups but I'm blaming it on my reloads before I will write off the No.1 for accuracy. It's a beautiful gun and I think that would make a fine addition to your collection!
i have a 218 bee.. but not in #1

i relaod for it.. with an old CH die set.

you can still get commercial ammo for it. I have seen prvi/ppu as well as hornady.. but be prepaired to pay for it. I think I got about 150 unloaded brass right now still, and probably? oh... 200-250 loaded.. havn't shot it as much since I got my remy 222 I like both .. easier on my shoulder...
aa, apparently from what I see on the 'net the Bee is still factory loaded, but I have never seen any at any of the many shops I frequent, probably a gun show quest, huh?

And how hard is it to find brass?

For what I will use it for, my walking around Pdog gun, I think 200 or even 100 cases would do me fine...if I could find them.

Heck, I could take my Hand Press with me and load up a few rounds each night in the motel if I needed to...

Hmmm...2700 or even 2800 with a 50 gr is not that much less than the 3000 of the .222....and OLDER, which I like...;)

But crap, I'd have to use ANOTHER powder....:mad:
Soundguy, Prvi is good ammo. How much is a box of Bee?
midway has win 218 ammo.. ammo2go has win and another brand.. so it's widely available.. a search for brass turned up a dozen good hits. i've gotten win from midway.. but they are out right now..
brass is still readily available, a bit expensive but winchester makes 'em still and others.

no idea how much factory ammo is nowadays for it, never bought any or looked.

I like the bee even better than the hornet also, much more oomph and about roughly the same accuracy wise.

looks like Midway is only got 1000 pack of brass, if we get a few of us on here that commit to buying some brass, we could do a group buy. I would be interested in at least 200 cases myself. Just a thought if anyone needs brass.

I only see it getting harder to come by and more expensive.
holy cripes, this was the cheapest loaded ammo on

.89 /round !!! ouch

think I will stick with buying brass.... and continuing to scrounge at gunshows. I come accross it now and again in small batches.
i see it at gun shows now and then.. but people are wanting 95 cents a round and UP.. have seen it go between 48 and 78$ a box.. thus I pass.. :)
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