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With the run on anything - especially military caliber stuff - because of Obozo, now is not a great time to find components to fit a .380. The .355 diameter puts you in competition with folks reloading for 9mm Luger.

One way around it is to cast your own. Problem is that bullet casting is an entire hobby in it's own. I don't have a clue how long this current frenzie will last, but you could start off with a simple Lee bullet mould (they are fairly inexpensive aluminum, heat up easy and have handles already on them), a .355 diameter sizer for the cast bullets and a melting pot/furnace and ladel. Then it's only a matter of scrounging lead to melt for your bullets. I used discarded wheel wieghts when I started. Two things to consider - 1.) the bullets will be inexpensive, and 2.) you will never have to rely on an outside source for your bullets anymore. Just a thought.
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