Anyone knowledgeable on the Walther PP?

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    I am attempting to find out how old my new-to-me PP is.

    Over on the Walther board they tell about the letter date code, with two letters stamped on the barrel hood.

    I don't see two letters stamped on my barrel hood, although there might be some after I get rid of the rest of the rust (it was stored badly).

    On the side of the top of the chamber, where it can be seen through the ejection port, there are the number 74, the antler (that is the ulm proof, I believe) and the flying N (nitro proof).

    Is it possible this thing was made in 1974?

    Also, it has a lanyard loop. I am used to the ones on Smith & Wesson revolvers, which swivel. This one pivots back and forth, but light twisting pressure does not have it swivel. Stuck with rust, which means more oil and more pressure to loosen it, or it is not supposed to swivel, so don't attempt it and break the damn thing, idiot?

    Pictures added

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