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shooter45 us
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(5/6/01 4:15:28 am)
Reply | Edit | Del All Anyone shoot any 3-gun matches ????
If so, what pistol, rifle, shotgun do you use ? Lots of fun. Fast and furious action shooting.

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(6/3/01 11:17:27 pm)
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In the late 80s I intended to shoot some three gun, the club I shot in an IPSC league at announced they were going to hold 3 gun combat matches the next year.

Most guys were using their IPSC .45s, M1As, and tricked out 1100s for them at the time

I of course always do it the hard way, most times 'cause of the money, but I love the challenge, too.

Had my .45 of course, was going to use my DCM Garand, and spent most of my money building an 870.

Had a VR barrel cut to 20", Ithaca front glowred bead, and a True-Choke system installed, 2 round Remington mag extension, Choate pistol grip stock and foreend, trigger work, and a neat Lyman flip up ghost ring rear on the back of the reciever that when folded down was out of the way for buck and when up printed slugs nicely at 75yds.

Practiced quite a bit, at the same time I had the same smith cut down my '97, heck I think I could've done just as good with it.

Anyway, just before the new season, neighbors got an injunction against the club for noise, and it shut down completely, so I never shot in a 3 gun match.

Played with the shotgun(s) alot though on plate tables and pepper poppers and the like.

Wouldn't mind getting into it again someday.

Who runs them anymore besides SOF?

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(6/4/01 10:45:37 am)
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We had A modified I.D.P.A./S.O.F. match at local range Saturday, just pistol shotgun though, lots of fun, and the course of fire designer was evil, He picked A standard off the rack hunting style shotgun, and made everyone use it, no gaudy improvements, He says He wants to see Us think and shoot, not just exercise Our Toys, it was educational, as most had no idea how to work the bolt release, so A lot of fumbling happened when You picked up the shot gun and the action was closed on an empty chamber, with hammer cocked and safty on, You had to open the action, insert shells and knock over plates, before drawing pistol to engage targets, shooting-easy, thinking-HARD!
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(9/11/02 12:26:28 am)
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We had one about 2 weeks ago. People were using all kinds of semi auto pistols, shotguns were mostly Bennelli and Remington. Rifles were AR types, with a Steyr and a few HK's thrown in.

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(1/5/03 7:51:25 pm)
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I have SO'd more than I have shot. The mix of guns used is as unusual as the competitors themselves.

Mostly, 1911 pistol, AR15 variant, and pump shotguns.

I see a lot of exotics. At a match in November, I saw a guy using a FAL he put together from a kit - making several parts himself. When the .308 ejected, it arced about 15 feet in the air and traveled into the next shooting bay - about 25 feet away.

The guys with electronic sights are always fussing with their sights. Lots of dead batteries. Hard to focus on task at hand when you are busy fiddling with an electronif scope.

In my last match I used my Glock 17, AK47, and Remington 870. While I did not place well, I had lots of fun with no failures.

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(1/9/03 7:30:57 pm)
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here we include 3gun matches on IPSC competition, for some level III you'll find it..pistol,shotgun,rifles (galil,hk,ak,ar15,m16,carbine) are mostly used
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