Aperture insert size for Redfield Olympic

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  1. DJnRF

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    Jul 25, 2007
    Central IL.
    I need to get some new inserts for my Redfield Olympic
    front sight. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the
    proper size I need for the different distances.

    I want to get the proper inserts for .22 rimfire to use
    at 50 ft, 75 ft, 150 ft, and 100 yards.

    The diameter of them is standard for this sight, but
    the aperture hole should be of the size needed for
    the distance as compared to the caliber. I don't have
    any marked of the very few I still have, and need to
    purchase more, but of the right sizes for the distances
    I will be shooting. There is one heck of a selection of
    from .060 to .160 in from .010 or .005 increments.
    That is a heck of a number of choices.

    Does anyone know of what sizes to use with a A-17
    small bore, 50 ft target? At least that would help to
    guide me to figure out a formula for the other distances.
  2. 300 H&H

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    Apr 1, 2007

    Personally I use 3.2mm most of the time, but if the light is stong or weak, I may use anything form 3.0mm to about 3.5mm. I have now gone to a front sight that is infinately adjustable. Saves time changing inserts.....

    Remember the NRA targets are scaled up in size with range. The openings I list above I use with all NRA targets form 50ft to 600 yds. Just what I do...

    Regards, Kirk
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  3. DJnRF

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    Jul 25, 2007
    Central IL.

    Well, this starts me in a ballpark to work with.
    I do precision shooting, and in so doing I use
    the A-17 target out to 150 foot. In doing this
    I like the sight picture of the bullseye to fill
    the entire aperture hole with no background
    surrounding it. I use the yellow insert to
    enhance my sight picture. (as shown below)
    The size of the aperture must change with
    the distance to a much smaller one to do this.

    I know that this type of shooting is unusual,
    but I find that it helps me in control of my aim.
    You know? The old code word, BRASS. Years
    back I found that it really does help a person
    to control the heart rate, breathing, and pulse
    that all can throw off a shot.

    I can't remember, but I seem to think that I
    recall the use of a .080 (2.0 mm) for the
    150 foot target. I am just not sure due to
    trying to remember such things from 50 years
    back. (Just a tired ole brain, I guess.)

    My eyes are not as good as they used to
    be back then, so it takes more concentration
    to focus these days. I still very, very rarely
    use a scope. All those do is to magnify your
    mistake. One never can get true control
    over the BRASS concept then.

    I thank you for the info, and quick response.
    Guess I will have to buy about half the
    insert to try, just to get it right. At least
    I don't have to buy them all.

    Thanks much,

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