Appeal to help Serbian children in Kosovo and Metohija

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    before anyone says but thes kids got a few million dollars in 2008 remember that that money was given to the government ( islamist) and not one cent has gone to anyone other than islamists .. hillary lied as she signed it over to the muslims but claimed it was for all but the kosovar court on appeal published the wording and showed it was to support only muslims

    these kids , many war orphans got nothing ( but rocketed , mortared , raped and beaten )

    From: Мирјана Петровић
    Sent: Sunday, December 18, 2011 11:19 AM
    Subject: Pomoc srpskoj deci na Kosovu i Metohiji / Appeal to help Serbian children in Kosovo and Metohija

    Ponovo saljem apel za pomoc nasim ljudima na Kosovu.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-

    Молимо за помоћ браћо Срби / Appeal for your help

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    In our first round of fundraising to help Serbs in Kosovo this October, we’ve raised $800, from about 20 donors. These funds are now utilized to help Serbian families in Northern Kosovo.

    This is a plea to all of you to take a moment and help the second round of our fundraising effort. You may note which beneficiary you would specifically like to support or you may leave it for the funds to be equally divided to help the following:

    Village of Miloševo near Obilić (located 7miles from Priština). Miloševo is an enclave of 30 residents and few homes, inhabited largely by children and elders. The funds raised will be used to purchase food (flour, salt, oil, rice), school supplies, firewood, and medicine.
    Schools and children of Northern Kosovo whose families continue to fearlessly defend Serbian homes, as well as freedom and history of all Serbs. The raised funds will be used for food, school supplies, and firewood.
    Purchase modest Christmas gifts for Serbian children in Kosovo, consisting of essential school supplies.
    All raised funds are sent via verified and trusted channels. The reports, receipts, and photo documentation of purchases made with these funds will be provided back to our church.

    To those who have already given, thank you for your generosity!

    Please be generous and please do not delay. You help is needed now.

    While we wait others act. Note that all donations are tax-deductible.

    Checks should be directed to our Church at: St. Archangel Michael Orthodox Church 18870 Allendale Avenue, Saratoga, CA 95070, with memo “Kosovo”.

    Credit card and donations through your bank account can be made as follows:

    Go to our church website
    Click on the “Donate” button (in the top right corner of,
    Enter the amount you wish to donate (it will say “ref: building fund” but you can later note that your donation is for “Kosovo”),
    Click on “Update amount”,
    Enter your Paypal login and password (setting up a Paypal account is quick and free),
    Type “Kosovo” or related note when you click on “Write in here if you have a special note”,
    Select payment method (credit card, etc), and
    Click on “Donate $ amount now”.
    Thank you all and may God bless you!
    Please contact me or with any questions.

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