AR-15 Barrel Markings

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    I have an AR rifle with barrel markings C MP 5.56 NATO 1/7.
    does anyone know what the "MP" means?


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    Re: AR black rifle question

    All Colt barrels are marked that way, I don't remember
    the meaning of the MP but the NATO 1/7 means 1-turn
    in 7-inches regarding rifling in the barrel, the 1-in-7 is
    the nato standard for using the current issue 62-grain
    steel core bullet, most commercial AR's now come with
    a 1/9 barrel for more bullet stablization and to effectively
    fire most any .223 weight bullets.

    I'm sure someone will be here to give you the meaning
    of the MP and jar my memory lol!
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    MP stands for 'Magnetic Particle' non-destructive testing...for more detail on "black Rifle" stamping ID see the below:

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