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AR bolt won't come back?

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I have a new AR 15, 223. I put a mag of 5 rounds in and let the bolt go and it only went about 4/5 closed (say just before it cams to the chamber). I tried to pull back with the charging handle but it will not move forward or backwards. This is the first round to be put in the weapon. the forward assist doesn't help. This is a live round! This round is a reload, I was shooting another new AR using these same loads. I wouldn't have thought it would not have worked in this weapon. Any suggestions on how to get this they going???
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Pull the mag lube a bunch and wiggle the charging handle back and forth that's a pain when it happens don't know why it happens but last time I seen it the bolt was stuck half way back and had to remove the buffer spring tube and get the bolt out that way very spooky that's my 2 cents
Remove the mag then bang the stock down on the ground with the muzzle pointed straight up. This should clear the jam. It may take a couple of hard bumps but it works. If the rifle is scoped, remove it before banging the stock on the ground.

When the round is removed, compare the round to a factory round.

It could be out of spec.

DON'T stand over the muzzle while doing this.

We were able to remove the round! Then I used my digital calipers and found that a new round was ~ .008 smaller than my reloads that had been only nesk sized. This .008 was the difference between a new round from the same mfg. and the one that got stuck. The .008 was at the shoulder on the case.
I feel that if I use once fired rounds from this new weapon for reloads /neck sized should be OK.
Those cases should fireform to the chamber.

Pull the bullet and check the OAL of the case.
didn't roll crimp to much and bulge it did you?
I checked the case and it was within spec. (oal)
I use a Lee factory crimp die only, and not much crimp.

I believe that the once fireformed case that I only neck sized was just a little tight for this new weapon, .008. I could see that it was binding at the taper.
I believe that the once fireformed case that I only neck sized was just a little tight for this new weapon, .008. I could see that it was binding at the taper.
For a semi-auto, it's all but necessary to full length resize. You can just neck size, but it'll end up with a lot more jams like that. And it's a pain.

For manually operated actions (bolt, etc.) you have control while you are chambering the round, so you can get away with just neck sizing.
I've never neck sized only for a semi before.

I have 3 ARs and I recently decided to just go with a small base die so that every round I reload will chamber in every gun I have.
I thought about this for a SHTF senario
my 20" A2 rifle still groups under 1/2 with quality bullets

I have had to use the method listed above to free a stuck round.
just grab the charging handle like you were going to pull it back and I drop the buttstock down on carpet /cement and the intertia pulls the bolt and frees the round every time
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