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(2/20/03 1:07:18 pm)
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what scope/sight system do you prefer on an AR15? has anybody got any comments on the leupold-gilmore red dot scope? seems to be a good deal at $160 from cheaperthanddirt. also, what upper should i consider for the scope/sight.

i am starting an AR 15 build and appreciate all the input.

paul warpig883
*TFF Staff*
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(2/24/03 11:27:20 pm)
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Re: AR15 scopes sights
I have a Luepold/Gilmore. It is a good sturdy scope but I don't quite know what it is good for. 22 or pellet gun I guess. It has zero magnification which makes it useless for long range, I can actually see the target better with iron sights as there is not a red dot to cover it up at long range. I had mine on a handgun for around 50 shots, left it on and the battery went dead so I took it off.

I would be willing to sell mine. It needs a battery and the screw on sunshade has a minor dent.
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