AR15 scopes sights

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    what scope/sight system do you prefer on an AR15? has anybody got any comments on the leupold-gilmore red dot scope? seems to be a good deal at $160 from cheaperthanddirt. also, what upper should i consider for the scope/sight.

    i am starting an AR 15 build and appreciate all the input.


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    Re: AR15 scopes sights
    I have a Luepold/Gilmore. It is a good sturdy scope but I don't quite know what it is good for. 22 or pellet gun I guess. It has zero magnification which makes it useless for long range, I can actually see the target better with iron sights as there is not a red dot to cover it up at long range. I had mine on a handgun for around 50 shots, left it on and the battery went dead so I took it off.

    I would be willing to sell mine. It needs a battery and the screw on sunshade has a minor dent.

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    I have an Aimpoint CompML2:

    Aimpoint® CompML2
    Heavy-duty variants of the CompC built for extreme conditions.
    This sight has a special hard-anodized surface and the specification for water tightness is equivalent to a depth of 75 feet. The high quality requirements are designed to cope with frequent professional use on those types of guns that are typically used by the police and the military or for hunting under extreme conditions. For compatibility with all generation night vision devices, see Aimpoint CompM2.
    Technical Specs on the M2

    Warranty Aimpoint guarantees this product to be free from original manufacturer defects in material and/or workmanship under normal use for a period of 2 years for professional or competition use and 10 years for personal use from the date of purchase.

    Click for Pics
    Aimpoint Video
    Aimpoint 3D test

    And, an OTAL laser.

    I am very happy with both. They have stood up to quite a bit of vibration, and rainy weather.