Are any of you guys experiencing barriers

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    Apr 17, 2011
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    I am a 100% disabled Veteran and I belong to the local shooting club in my area. I am a life member and have been for a few years. I am not in a wheelchair but do need to use a cane in able to get around. I do have limited mobility and am able to participate in SASS Cowboy Action Shooting. Never going to be a speedster in the sport but do enjoy hearing the steel targets going clang, clang, clang. My club has a very rudimentry access areas. If it rains, there is mud. If it is dry, there are ruts to navigate. I do not know how many other members are disabled or how many "guests" are disabled. If I was going to take a guess, there are many that have some trouble navigating but to be honest with myself, all the venues are accessable by a vehicle. I drag my golf cart out there to get from one venue to another.

    I would say that there is room for improvement to make the range more user friendly for those with disabilities but they are very cost prohibited. The club has very few funds to make any improvements. :):):)