Are Flags just flags and Hats just hats?

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    Dave P.
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    (2/18/01 11:57:32 am)
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    Barry points out that a hat doesn't make the person, the person makes the person. It could be said that a flag is nothing more than a flag. I contend that both are symbols. In the case of the black beret, it is a symbol that reflects the pride, professional qualification, and accomplishment of U.S. Army Rangers. It isn't simply a black beret.
    The same could be said for a red, white, and blue flag with stars and stripes. Isn't it sad that a group of veterans not long ago had to assemble at the nation's capital to try and get a constitutional amendment to help protect the Stars and Stripes from being desecrated and dragged through the mud.
    And what about the way the American public chooses to honor those men and women who have given their blood and lives to protect that flag? I'm speaking about Veteran's Day in particular. What does Veteran's Day mean to a large percentage of the American public? A day to flock to the malls to take advantage of the sales going on.
    I feel that both flags and hats (in this case) are far more than just flags and hats. I believe they are very valuable symbols of our pride and love of country. Would you agree or disagree?

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    A hat is for one man to wear. A flag is for the whole country.
    A Ranger wore it with pride. I agree,but this new hat is not going to replace that.

    Change the hardest thing to do.....................


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    Next it will be that they'll want our troops to wear the
    blue UN new world order hat!

    In my humble opinion I think that if they are all going to wear the Berets then the elite units should at least have
    a significantly different patch on theirs to give them
    the recognition that they deserve.

    Sounds like another shit ass Cliton deal to me.


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    Here is something I got in my e-mail today. This should help us keep the faith in our military.

    Stan Lambert
    St. Clair Shores, Michigan

    Subject: Military Respect

    I never noticed one way or the other, but if this is true, I wonder if Clinton knew it. Too bad if he didn't - he will soon.

    Military courtesy change

    I picked up on something very funny this morning. CNN showed George W. leaving HM-1. The marine at the front step saluted, GW returned it, and as he walked away, the marine executed a right face to stand facing GW's back...something that was missing in eight years of the Clinton presidency.

    The traditional Marine Corps mark of respect was rendered to the new president. That one goes back to the days in the rigging, when the marine orderly to the ship's captain always faced him, no matter his direction of movement, to be ready to receive an order.

    Who says that enlisted men can't hold back when they don't respect someone? ...And for eight years, they did.

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    Dave P.
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    (2/19/01 1:31:34 pm)
    | Del Respect
    Mr. Stan, I say that's MIGHTY powerful!

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    Right On Stan!