Are the Hesse reciever CETME's bad?

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    I found a guy online selling a Hesse reciever CETME but it's one of the best looking ones I have seen..... wood and metal wise

    this one looks real good compared to some.
    you guys know what i'm talking about i've seen some that look perfect and some that are shameful looking and all beat up.

    500 bucks is alot for one

    would you guys pay 500 bucks for one that you new was going to be in real good shape?

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    Re: Are the Hesse reciever CETME's bad?
    If it involves the word Hesse - then I would not buy it. Nor would most of my friends.

    However, I'm sure he must be half way decent as he is still in business and people buy his stuff.

    One of the experts should be along in a bit to give you a more thorough answer.

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    Never owned a Hesse, but all I ever heard about them was bad news............Welcome to the forum!!
    Long live the Swedish Mauser!!

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