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    Jun 27, 2001
    Are you a Domestic Terrorist?

    * Do you consider yourself to be a "defender" of the U.S. Constitution against the federal government and the UN?

    * Have you ever asked an officer why you have been pulled over?

    * Do you make numerous references to the U.S. Constitution?

    * Do you believe in animal rights?

    * Are you a lone individual?

    !! CAUTION !!
    If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, the FBI says
    you fit the profile of a domestic terrorist.

    "If you encounter any of the following,
    Call the Joint Terrorism Task Force"
    - Phoenix FBI Information Sheet regarding Domestic Terrorism (.pdf)

    According to the information sheet (available in .pdf format, above) created by the Phoenix, AZ, FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force, these situations could get you branded as a potential domestic terrorist. This sheet was designed to "assist uniformed patrol officers in identifying potential domestic terrorism."

    Was civil rights activist Rosa Parks a domestic terrorist?
    According to the FBI's information sheet -
    the answer is

    The FBI's information sheet defines Domestic Terrorists as:

    "Groups or individuals operating entirely inside the U.S., attempting to influence the U.S. Government or population to effect political or social change by engaging in criminal activity."

    What this could mean is if Rosa Parks, the heroine of the civil rights movement, were to decide not to go to the back of the bus today, she could be branded a "domestic terrorist" by the FBI. The same thinking would apply to those brave men at the lunch counters, and to Martin Luther King, Jr, the unflinching minister who was assassinated for speaking out against unconstitutional laws.

    Those civil rights activists participated in what was then considered "criminal activity" by many parts of the law enforcement community. They committed acts of civil disobedience in an effort to effect political or social change for the good of all Americans. Yet today, in America, there are agents in our government who consider those heroes to be "terrorists"!

    If Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, were alive today, would he be under suspicion as a domestic terrorist?

    This information sheet clearly demonstrates that the FBI has gone too far. Every one of the founding fathers would qualify as a domestic terrorist under these guidelines. King George III certainly thought Jefferson was a terrorist, but we are not in England, are we? With the increased powers that have been granted to our government under the "Patriot Act" we must be even more vigilant about defending the Constitution.

    The citizens of America must never accept the idea that liberty should be sacrificed in wartime. America's patriots fought a monarchy that taxed them to death, that did not give them fair representation in the legislature, that corrupted the judicial system, and that imposed cruel and unusual punishment. But, from the point of view of the "authorities" of that day, Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and all the rest were criminals seeking to effect social change. Think about that. If it weren't for those "domestic terrorists" of days gone by, the United States of America wouldn't even exist!

    " WAIT! I'm not a violent person!
    I don't want to harm my neighbors, or anyone else for that matter!
    What do you mean I could be considered a domestic terrorist just because I vocally defend my constitutional rights?

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    Aug 22, 2002
    Many of the founding fathers were indeed "terrorists" by today's definition. They engaged in subversive activities aimed at weakening England's military, upsetting commerce (The Boston Tea Party), and making political changes.

    This is why there is such a vague line between "freedom fighter" and "terrorist". It's downright scary. But one thing the founding fathers and their allies did not do, to my knowledge, was attack innocent civilians. They did, however, harass a lot of the Loyalists.

    It amazes me how quickly our nation has forgotten what it was like to be oppressed. We welcome it now with open arms. We are seeing the dawn of a new age here today. An age where the most powerful country on Earth, and supposedly the most free nation, is beginning to turn the tide on its own citizens. History is repeating itself once again.

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