Are You Happy with Your State's Hunting Access?

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    The Coalition for Disabled
    Hunter Rights

    Using the Americans with Disabilities Act to end discrimination in the woods.
    "I is an island. Stands alone. We together, can accomplish amazing things."
    --Ron Mauck

    Note: The Coalition is a not-for-profit, grassroots, all volunteer organization. This organization has absolutely no known
    ties to any manufacturers or dealers. In fact, we have purposely avoided all affiliation with manufactures and dealers, and
    will gladly testify to that truth in a court of law.

    The Coalition is looking for new members who will be willing to join us in the ADA Complaint process.
    For more information about the Coalition, please visit the General Section of our website. >>more>>

    New: Tell the Federal government you support our cause. Click here to send a message of support. >>more>>

    Member Updates Publicity Updates

    11/20/03 Media Coverage in New York. Bill Conners from the Poughkeepsie Journal has written an article about Coalition member Jeff Lucas of New York. This article discusses Jeff's difficulty in bow hunting with his wheelchair under New York's current anti-crossbow regulations. To view this article, please click here. The article will open in a new window. >>more>>

    11/16/03 Supporters -- Time to Send Support Messages. It is now time for all of our Supporter members to send a message of support to our investigator at the USFWS. Supporters should send the message that crossbows, modified-bows, body braces and mouth-tabs should all be acceptable and reasonable accommodation methods for disabled hunters in the archery seasons of all 50 states. To send your message to the federal government, please fill out the form on our new Supporters page. >>more>>

    11/16/03 New Supporters Page. The Coalition's Supporters page has been updated. The page now includes a web form that can be used to send a message of support to the federal government. To view the new Supporters page, please click here. >>more>>

    11/16/03 New Press Release. The Coalition has sent out another official press release. This statement gives an update on our progress and advertises the fact we are asking for messages of support to be sent the federal government. To view this 11-16-2003 Press Release, please click here. >>more>>

    11/16/03 Summary of Action. Thus far, Coalition members have filed ADA complaints against 9 states: Alaska, California, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Washington, and West Virginia. We're always looking for new complainants. Folks interested in becoming complainants, should view the Complainants section for more information. >>more>>

    10/30/03 Updated Procedure. Our cases have made it to the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS). The point person there will be Doug Gentile—the same man who was the point person with Tom’s original ADA complaint that he won against Colorado in January 2003. Here is the ADA complaint procedure we will be using from this point forward: Your ADA discrimination complaints against states will be emailed directly to (We suggest you set your email program to ask for a Read Receipt). Mike will immediately forward your complaint to Doug at the USFWS. Doug will send you an email telling you he has received your complaint against this state. Eventually, a letter will arrive via the postal mail telling you your complaint is being investigated by the USFWS and that the state has been notified of your complaint. The state will then have 30 days to respond to your complaint. The Feds will then send you a copy of the state’s response and you will be told that you have two weeks to respond to the state’s response via a postal mail address they will furnish for you. (The Coalition will have all the paperwork you will need for the response posted on the site) Keep in mind we are dealing with the government. Government officials let time slip away at times. Tom will take it on himself to continually call Doug and everyone else to push our issue to the top of the heap.

    10/30/03 Time to file against Oregon. Folks have received denial letters from Oregon, so it is now time to file our ADA complaints against this state. Download the complaint from our website, customize it to match your situation, and email it directly to the Department of Interior. Remember, you will now be emailing your complaints to . To view the Oregon page, please click here. >>more>>

    10/30/03 New Research Posted: A 2001 Report from Maine discusses some of the problems that exist in current disabled hunting regulations. These problems can be applied to many states, not just Maine. This report discusses regulations that are too narrowly defined, offering little flexibility to deal with the special needs of individuals. Excerpts from this report can be found here. >>more>>

    10/30/03 New Research Posted: A 2000 Report done on behalf of the US Departments of Interior and Agriculture discusses disabled access on Federal lands, and is a good indication of the problems that disabled hunters face in many states. This report discusses such issues as the lack of concern (low priority) for disabled access to the wilderness, and why it is incorrect to believe that the ADA does not or should not cover the issue of wilderness access. This report gives recommendations specific to disabled hunting including improving access to road gates, and allowing the crossbow as an accommodation. To view excerpts from this report, please click here. >>more>>

    10/21/03 Hawaii has crossbows. The Coalition has just been informed that our requests for the crossbow accommodation in Hawaii have been accepted. Hawaii claims that they have allowed disabled persons to use crossbows "for some time", but only just recently placed the application permit on their website. The Hawaii application permit is available here. The application is very simple and requires only a doctor's signature. In response to these findings, the Coalition will change Hawaii's color on a Crossbow Map from red to green.

    Member Updates Archive: Click here to view updates from previous months. >>more>>

    Publicity Updates: Click here to view updates concerning media coverage of our efforts. >>more>>

    Website Menu: General Information
    If you are new to this site, or to this organization, we suggest that you start on this General Information section. This page will detail our mission and our methods.

    This section is dedicated to those members who have decided to become complainants -- to stand up for their rights by filing ADA complaints against those states who maintain discriminatory practices against disabled individuals.

    This section is dedicated to those members trying to contribute to our cause by helping to spread the word about our cause, and by sending messages of support to government officials


    Updates: 8/25/03 Great Lakes Region. The Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council has placed an article about us in their weekly newsletter. To view this article, click here. The article will open in a new browser window. >>more>>

    8/25/03 Colorado Coverage. The Boulder County Daily Camera has a short article about us. To view this article, click here. The article will open in a new browser window. >>more>>

    8/19/03 New York Article. This article from the Times-Herald Record in New York does not talk about the Coalition, but does discuss crossbows in New York. To view this article, click here. The article will open in a new browser window. >>more>>

    8/19/03 Another Editorial in WV. Coalition member, Rachael Wilson, got her letter to the editor published in the WV Dominion Post. To view this article, click here. The article will open in a new browser window. >>more>>

    8/16/03 Nice Article in New York. Reporter Bill Conners of the Poughkeepsie Journal of New York has written a nice article about the Coalition. To view this article, click here. The article will open in a new browser window. >>more>>

    8/16/03 Editorial in WV. A citizen from West Virginia who, to the best of our knowledge, has no affiliation with the Coalition, has written a nice Editorial (Letter to the Editor) in the Charleston Gazette. To view this editorial, please click here. The editorial will open in a new window. >>more>>

    8/16/03 National ADA Coverage. A effort has been picked up by the Thompson Publishing Group, a national organization which researches, monitors, interprets, and reports on ADA regulations. They have put a very short article on their website. In addition, our story will likely appear in the next update of their "ADA Compliance Guide". To view this short article, click here. This article will open in a new browser window. >>more>>

    8/15/03 Another article in WV. The Dominion Post in West Virginia has printed another article. To view this article, click here.

    8/13/03 Watch for us on TV. Coalition member, Peter L. Cuffaro, will be appearing on two TV News interviews to discuss the crossbow situation in West Virginia. The two News sources are WCHS-TV 8 out of Charleston and WOAY-TV 4 out of Oak Hill.

    8/12/03 A New Article in WV. Michelle Blum, a reporter for the Wheeling News-Register, has written a new article on the Coalition. To view this article, please click here. The article will open in a new browser window. >>more>>

    8/11/03 New Media Coverage Today: Our story was picked up on the AP Wire and is now spreading across the country. The following media sources wrote articles about us today. Click on the "View Article" links to view the article. Article will open in a new browser window.

    Media Source Article Link Location View Article
    National Sports & Outdoors
    WTOV-9 View Article
    Local TV Station out of Ohio (Borders WV). They also ran a TV interview that aired at 5pm, 6pm, and 11pm.
    Dominion Post View Article
    Morgantown, WV
    The Intelligencer View Article
    Wheeling, WV

    8/10/03 Media Coverage in West Virginia. John Heys, a reporter for the West Virginia Sunday Gazette-Mail has written an article about the Coalition. To view this article, please click here. Article will open up in a new window. >>more>>

    7/28/03 Media Coverage. Bob Mottram has written an article about the Coalition for The News Tribune in Washington State. To view this article, please click here (link will open in a new window). >>more>>

    Need more Information?:

    Please email the Coalition at

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