Arisaka 1939

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    Anyone here know anyhing about these rifles and their mint markings? I have a couple of them and one has been ground down in spots and I know for sure it came straight from Okinawa in 1945.

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    "Mint" markings?

    Anyway.....this ought to do it:

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    I had a brain fart,working on coins and guns at the same time-thanks you answered my question,one of the arisakas has the emperors marking ground off the other doesn't,the site you sent me to answered the question in the first page

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    Let me know some more about it and I can look it up for you, I really enjoy looking up the Arisakas...describe the markings right before the serial number and I can tell you the Arsenal, and the "series" number which gets you close to the date it was made...

    Just describing the Kana figures in English is fun by itself..."It looks like a house leaning to the wait, more like a high backed chair with a footrest... " "Cannonballs and kissing fish?"

    Remember the Japs for most of the production only went from 1-99,999 on the numbers, then started over at 1 again with a symbol in front of don't get excited about "low numbers," it could be series 23 or 26 or so of them...but all have neat little differences which are fun to check out...
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    Pol: I got two of them,my best one has the Chrysanthenum(the flower of the emperor with all the arsenal markings in the receiver and barrel--The one I just picked up has that flower ground off the reciever and has all the markings removed from the rifle--The guy who had it,brought it home from WWII(Okinawa) stuck it in his basement and no one saw till after died..I understan d this one was picked up after the japs surrendered,hence the flower and markings are removed,the other one except for a brken blade on the front sight ,has the folding wire bi-pod bayonet and a really goofy looking rear site with side extensions on it as though you would use it to lead your target-it also has the dust cover on the bolt..When I get my camera back I would love to send you come close up pictures of them so you could tell me something about their history--I don't think I would ever try to shoot them! Appreciate your help--do you know anything about Moisen-nagants?