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(11/28/02 12:10:16 pm)
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I have an Armalite competition H-Bar and have noticed that there is no visible mechanism for stopping the hammer from falling when the bolt is not fully at battery. Likewise there is no obvious fireing pin blocking system. Is my gun missing parts? If not why the forward assist when you must rack the bolt to reset the hammer?

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(11/28/02 2:56:47 pm)
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welcome wfifrick!!

i'm no expert, but i'll offer my 1/2 cent... i've had a few times when the bolt didn't fully close and the trigger wouldn't pull. i guess what i'd do is try it for yourself and see. gently ease the slide forward (gun unloaded of course!) but don't allow it all the way home. try to dry fire. i rarely, if ever, use the forward assist... never really think of it. *my* own, personal, ar15 hasn't had any real bad feeding issues (other than once or twice the bolt not fully driving home) but the one i was issued in the army was kind of scary. so, anytime i have an issue, i cycle the charging handle, check the bolt, repeat if necessary.

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