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(8/17/01 6:31:24 am)
Armalite rifles
Looking for a respectable "paramilitary" brand to carry that has a fairly diverse product line. Contacted Armalite (owned an AR-10 once, big fun), found out there is no quantity break on dealer price.

If any of you are currently signed on with Armalite, what has your experience been with the company? Is there a realistic profit margin? Do they promote their dealers? I asked them, but they didn't say...

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(8/17/01 8:15:33 am)
Re: Armalite rifles
AD, I have had some dealings with them in the past and you are correct about them in many ways. They look down upon discounting their products and you are also correct about volume discounts(NONE). Great product and they back it. The only real problem we have ever had is getting them, so always ask if it is "IN" stock. They will take the money, then tell you suppy is back logged (sometimes) The last one we ordered took six weeks to get, our buyer went elsewhere and bought a different model that another dealer had in stock. If you have deep pockets, there ok. But it is a niche AR line and you know how that goes, lots of other makers in the styles and calibers. I prefer DSA in 7.62x51 FN/FAL, but these too are in the same catagory. Regards LTS
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