Armimius 22 mag

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    May 6, 2007
    Just pick up this at my favorite gun shop. Arminius 22 mag HW7 double action. Finish is a little worn but not bad, mechanically it almost perfect. Bore clean and shiny. Got it dirt cheap, owner had just taken it as part of a multi-gun deal and hadn't put much value on it. I was amazed at how nice the trigger pull is, got a friend that has a couple of Arminius and he loves them. Great shooters. Anyone else had any experience with them? I'm going to use it in conjunction with several other handguns in different calibers in teaching my wife and daughter how to shoot. Weights not bad and it's will make a neat little CC backup. Stopped and put some rounds through before I headed home today and I'm rightly impressed so far. Very accurate. Looking forward to any comments from anyone who's had experience with them.