Armscor 1911 - A2 - 9P (9mm)

Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by ysacres, Mar 6, 2003.

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    Reply Armscor 1911-A2-9P (9mm)
    I just bought an armscor m1911-a2-9p, 16 rnd mags, i thought it was cool until i loaded it with a round. As far as i know, it failed miserably upon extraction/ejection of each round i feed. I've already looked up on how to fix the extractor, but in this model, it looks kinda different. First, the hook looks normal, the slot looks normal but there is no pad. Secondly, its already bent as compared to a .45 cal extractor. Last thing that is different is the ejector which is longer than the .45

    I was wondering if there is anyone out there who can help me figure out how to work this damn extractor or slide that will make it function perfectly.

    im in the philippines so a 16 rnd mag is legal.

    shooter45 us
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    Welcome to the board. I'm can find a reference to Armscor but not the 1911-A2. Is it an exact copy of the Colt 1911? Did you purchase new or used ? Can you post a picture of the pistol showing the parts ? All this will help to solve the problem.

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    thanks shooter45,

    yes, its a 1911-a2 .45 copy. i havent had the chance to compare it bit by bit with the .45 but i remember the parts well. My plan is to interchange the parts just to see how they fit. I dont know about the Llama 18 rnd 9mm 1911-a2 copy, but it kinda looks like it.

    ive purchased it brand new. and as soon as i get a digital camera, ill post it asap.

    do appreciate all the info you can find.

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    It sounds like both the extractor and ejector are normal for
    9mm in the 1911 pistol.
    The extractor hole in the slide is the same in all calibers,thus
    the pad behind the claw and the dognut on the inner side are eliminated so the claw can reach the smaller cartridge..
    The ejector is longer because the case is shorter..
    Perhaps the extractor needs tuning..
    Hope this will help..

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    thanks bompa.

    another revelation. the a2 from what i have seen in is nothing more than a high capacity frame of the 1911 a1. geez.

    a friend of mine who bought a .45 1911 A2, compared and interchanged parts with the a1. except for the frame, trigger and some minor things, he found a1 and a2 to be the same.

    i guess the only upside for my 9mm 1911 hi-cap is the 16+1 magazine.
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    Hi, I'm new here, just wanted to ask if anyone has bought the new armscor mapp1 pistol. Any comments?

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