Astra A100 .45 or Steyr M40

Discussion in 'Centerfire Pistols & Revolvers' started by NOTPOSTAL, May 26, 2004.


    NOTPOSTAL New Member

    May 21, 2004
    Astra .45 is a da/sa with controls set up like a Sig. Asking price is $325, condition 90%.

    Steyr M40 is a polymer pistol with weird sights and safety. Asking price is $320 NIB.

    Anyone have experience with these? Are the prices fair?

    Which would you choose and why?

  2. rglbegl

    rglbegl Well-Known Member

    Mar 4, 2004
    Dana point CA
    Personally not a big astra fan. I would get the steyr, I had a chance to put a few rounds through one. I dont like polymer guns, but those funky sights are SO FAST to acquire target, it made it fun for some desert plinkin. Every review i have read on steyr seems to talk kindly of them. However.....steyr designs what I call 'disposable guns'......make sure you look up how many rounds they were meant to have put through them. ( astra probably beats steyr in the "made to last" catagory.)
    But hey - $320 NIB - how can you go wrong.
    steyrs are also great to teach somebody to shoot. Ergonomics are awsome.

    Good luck


  3. Hydra Shok

    Hydra Shok Member

    Feb 17, 2003
    Chasing my Seven Year Old
    Don't know anything bout Astra, and I haven't fired a Steyr, but I did look at a used M40 at the range 2 weeks ago. rglbegl is correct about the ergonomics, it really fits the hand well. And the sights are kinda funky, but if you have that kind of price for NIB I'd hafta get it. The used one was $380 here.
  4. cd45

    cd45 New Member

    Jul 30, 2003
    Mcloud, Oklahoma
    I messed up and traded my astra A100 .45 to my dad. It shot anything that you put in it, accurately. It would even shoot lead bullets. Mags are available at a decent price, since they are only 9 shot mags. The only reason I got rid of it was because the company in now out of business. If it breaks, you have to take it to the gunsmith to get custom repairs done. Either way you will be happy with what you choose, good luck.
  5. punchie

    punchie Active Member

    Apr 27, 2004
    Chesterfield, VA
    IMHO the Astra has been under-rated by far too many. I have an A-85 in 45 and had an A-100 in 45 and both were honest no frills working guns. Reliable, reasonably accurate but a touch on the heavy and large size. The A-100 I bought used and then put about 2500 rounds thru it before I let my uncle talk me out of it. Never a ftf/ fte and a joy to shoot. Parts availability can now be a problem IF you ever needed any, but I would not hesitate to buy another.
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