Attack on Sinai base of Aust peacekeepers

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    ARMED militants have attacked an international peacekeeping base in the northern Sinai, where Australian soldiers are stationed.
    However, no Diggers were hurt in the incident, Defence says.
    In the attack on Friday, dozens of militants broke down the wall of the facility housing the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) headquarters, setting fire to vehicles and facilities.
    MFO soldiers defended the base and there was an exchange of fire. Four MFO members were reportedly wounded.
    "There were Australian Defence Force (ADF) peacekeepers within the base that was attacked, but all ADF personnel have been accounted for and there have been no reports of Australian personnel wounded in these attacks," a Defence spokesman said.
    Twenty-five Australian personnel are serving with the MFO in what's known as Operation Mazurka.
    MFO is a non-United Nations mission formed in 1981 out of the Camp David accords, under which Egypt and Israel ended long-running hostilities and Israel agreed to withdraw its forces from the Sinai and hand the peninsula back to Egyptian control.
    Australia has been involved in MFO since 1982, initially with a much larger contingent that included eight helicopters and 100 personnel. MFO is commanded by the US and has about 1000 personnel, most of them Colombian and Fijian soldiers.
    Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported the attackers were Bedouins.
    But it said it wasn't clear whether the attack was linked to unrest across the Middle East over a US film insulting Prophet Mohammed, or whether militants simply exploited the protests to stage the attack.

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    It is War Jack - the politicians just don't want to admit it.

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