ATTN: Mosin Nagant Collectors!

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    Check out AIM Surplus web site:

    They have like new model 1938 (the rare shorter version 91/30) with all matching #s with a bunch of accessories for $129.95; and

    M91/30s in like new condition, all matching #s, including a bayonet with matching #, plus a bunch of accessories for $129.95.

    I have a couple on order, see how they look.

    P.S. - they also now have the Yugoslav SKSs, but are listing them as only fair to good condition. It is begining to sound like to me that most of these Yugoslav rifles were rode hard and put away wet.
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    Hmmm. Me like!

    I may just have to take the chance and order one. IIRC, there were two variations - a true M38, and then ones that were cut down from M91s or M91/30s. You can tell the difference by the rear sight. From Aim's description, it sounds like these are original M38s.

    I only own one M38, and that's a Finn capture (SA mark), completely matching and non-import marked. Ain't no way I could part with it....

    Let's see, what can I sell quick to get the cash? Perhaps I'll bring something Tuesday....

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    (1/8/02 9:20:33 pm)
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    Crap, and I'm unemployed...

    Anybody want to buy an Astra 400?
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