Auction Arms "LarrysGuns"

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    I wanted to report on this guy. Larry Hudson "LarrysGuns"
    from Vermont. 400 sales with some neural and negatives.
    He responded ASAP with his mailing address and that's it!
    I requested tracking (I was using a new FFL to receive and wanted to know when the weapon arrived).
    NO REPLY...
    I e-mail him again, and cut and pasted the 1st e-mail asking for "tracking" and kindly ask him to respond.
    His reply...
    " I received your e-mail" period!!!
    Days later... I e-mail him again to find out if he received my money order and again ask about tracking?
    His reply...
    I received your M/O and the package was sent, I don't know about tracking.

    I'm glad to say that the pistol was every bit as described and shipped in a timely manner.

    But, don't expect any meaningful correspondence from

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    I wonder just how hard it is to be nice and responsive?? Makes you wonder how walk-in`s are treated. Glad everything worked out, doesn`t sound like he likes repeat business. LTS

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    it made me wonder Lts... Tac was on the ready to pay him a visit ( THANKS Tac!).
    I felt it was my obligation to leave a "netural" feed back.
    It's a shame too, because other than his lack of cooperation and communication... I'm prouder than a Christmas Goose
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