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    Sep 5, 2003
    North Alabama
    Last week I went to a local auction which included abt 30 guns of various kinds. Of these, 18 were the Winchester lever-action commemorative rifles. Most were 30-30s, with one .22, two .32s and three .38-55s. They were beautiful rifles, but I think the guy probably took a loss on them. Didn't they usually list for abt $1200 ea (I don't remember)? These sold for $600-800 ea.

    What I found interesting was the notice on the inventory list:
    "The Winchester Commemoratives have never been fired, loaded, cocked or touched by human hands without gloves. THEY WILL BE SOLD THAT WAY. If you must touch the guns, we have cloth gloves for you."

    It occurred to me that these rifles must have been bought as an investment, since I can't imagine buying a gun I couldn't at least "fondle" (w/o gloves) and exercise occasionally. Any thoughts to share on the situation?
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    Redneck2000, I enjoy just looking at some myself. I guess it would be kind of hard not to shoot one much less fondle, but the owner was probably trying to keep it looking as new in the box. You know I'm sure, what a lot of sweaty hands can do to the blueing and checkering on firearms. In fact I have and old neighbor that use to "stropp" his knife on the palm of his hand to sharpen. Imagine it wearing the checkering. But those Commeratives are sweet!:)

  3. IShootBack

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    Sep 22, 2002
    I could not own a gun I could not shoot and fondle.

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