Aurora's Strict Gun Laws

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    Ok just some talking points for your Liberal friends.

    This ordinance banning the carrying of "dangerous weapons" was deemed "unenforceable" when Colorado state prohibited cities and counties from enforcing such laws in 2003. After talking to officials the Aurora Police Department, we found that counties can now issue concealed-and-carry permits, BUT in Aurora, it is still against the law to fire the weapon unless at a shooting range (or if you are an officer on duty). Therefore, it would have been illegal for anyone to fire in the theater. Also, the theater reportedly had a ban on any and all weapons. Anyone without a conceal-and-carry permit in Aurora must also keep their guns unloaded unless at a range.

    ** See Aurora Code Sech ttp:// It shall be unlawful for any person to fire, shoot, or discharge any firearm; crossbow; bow and arrow; slingshot; blowgun; BB gun or pellet gun, whether powered with gunpowder, compressed air, or gas cartridges; gas gun; or any weapon whatsoever within the city limits. However, such discharge, firing, or shooting by any law enforcement officer, federal, state, county, or city, in the course of his or her official duty shall not be deemed a violation of this subsection, and such discharge, firing, or shooting at commercial, private, or public shooting ranges or by authorized classes of schools or universities at all times under proper instruction and supervision as may be authorized or permitted by law shall not be deemed a violation of this subsection."
    *** Aurora Police Department confirmed this is the case within the city limits and without a conceal-and-carry permit from the appropriate county. See Aurora Code Sec. 94-144.5.
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    Nov 22, 2011
    so the BG has another charge against him for violating city ordinance? if only he knew it was illegal he may have decided to use water balloons instead.

  3. hunter29180

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    so can the victims sue both the city and the theater for failing to keep them safe?

    just a thought..wife and i both agree that should something happen to one or both of us under simular circumstances the family should sue...
  4. carver

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  5. Kevin Rohrer

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    Most or even all municipalities have an ordinance against firing a weapon within the town. Violating it is irrelevant in this situation.
  6. skullfr

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    Jul 11, 2012
    do you believe if someone had killed him they would actually crucify him.I feel the uproar would be louder if a citizen saved lives and faced charges forcing the DA to kinda smack his wrist.I would gladly take a weapon charge.When I was younger I never worried bout the law when it came to defending myself.
  7. FlashBang

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    Mar 5, 2012
    It would be very interesting to see a lawsuit against the City of Aurora based on Breach of Fiduciary Duty or similar. The City, through its ban on carrying firearms could be construed to have established an implied guarantee or promise to protect its citizens. It also collects taxes to provide such protection under its City Charter. Could the argument be made that the City failed to protect the citizens, assumed the liability for the protection of same, and fraudulently collected said taxes for their protection knowing that it could not do so? Since the lawsuit would be a Civil suit and not Criminal, the level of evidence becomes "Preponderance of Evidence" and not "Beyond A Reasonable Doubt". I would wager that a Class Action lawsuit against the City and naming each individual member of the City Council as party to the suit, may just fly.
  8. Rhuga

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    If these laws were just passed by the officials and not voted on by the public. Then I believe that a lawsuit against the "egg heads" in the city government that passed these unhealthy laws be initiated.
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