Australian socialist government loses fight with its defence force

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    headlines and news is full of a story today

    how the Commandant of the defence academy here was re-instated after being forced "on holiday" by the socialist defence minister

    the minister refuses to apologuise and the military was refusing to accept orders until the COADFA was re-instated as per the findings of the inquiry into the so called sex scandal and the removal of the COADFA

    basically a boy and a girl met up , happily it seems , however using drone technology , and skype internet video , four other student officers watched ..

    the CO upon hearing of it called the witness's and did what was needed
    , during discovery , they found the female who was spied on was one of the first voyeurs using the new gadgets with others , watching yet another couple at the Academy 1 week before ..

    he found the female guilty of the same charges and the ultra lefty feminista's got upset and started a campaign...

    12 protesters became a "massive public revolt" that "forced the minister to act"

    he belittled the officer in the most shocking way's on national TV and stated he was guilty of gross breaches of many laws ( some that are still not yet law and others that where not law at that time )

    and even occupy got involved holding "justice for female cadet" signs for a couple days

    the formal inquiry found the CO correct and stated the punishment fit the crime at the lenient end of the scale and found the ministers condemnation biased

    the Queens Council who delivered the findings did write that he found some "minor procedural matters", but noticed they stopped the cadets from being expelled and disagreed with the decision , but did not reverse it. and ordered he be re-instated before the start of the new year

    that was last year in august i think

    today the military delivered a letter to the prime minister that the military would re-instate him this week. bypassing the minister and the entire defence department and letting them know whats what ...

    the military aint saying boo and neither is the government about the exchange ...

    the minister is now looking like a lying POS who bought the occupy and troop haters lies and ran with them .. and refusing to even apologise..

    Commandant Commodore Bruce Kafer, (honest!)

    is a great Australian , even though he be Navy ;) he been a great defender of the defence force and our nation against all enemies

    he has attended many rally of the brigades and stood against the lefties and islamists many times in his off duty dressed civilian time off

    he is a Known public speaker talking on truth democracy , the dangers of the left and lefty ideology and a early supporter of the shooters and fishers party here and a patron and this is why they hauled him out first chance the got and replaced him with a officer who is a card carry member of the greens Party ( one of soro's australian branch's) who's be promoted by the ministry ( not the military) twice ...

    and i think i got it tough , this is going on nation wide

    a "gentle" purging of the right wing leadership and activists especially those in or associated with the Military ...
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    Good News for once.

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    That's a great story, jack. What makes it great, IMO, was reading all of his men stood behind him.
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