Australian TV screws up about illegals

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    The 7PM Project stuffs up on refugees

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    The 7PM Project (Channel 10) made reference to a government plan to build a processing centre for refugees in Northam (Western Australia), where residents are hostile to the idea. Their TV segment showed an old lady who commented that “these are single men, they’re coming here, they have needs, let’s just hope they can keep them all in”. The 7PM Project smart alecs began rolling their eyes and laughing at her in their oh-so-superior and smug manner, with one of them snidely commenting “You putting your hand up, love?” – as part of the “media elite”, they were obviously feeling oh-so-clever and so much more superior than the ordinary Aussie.

    But the fact is that the little old lady knew better than they did.

    Maybe the 7PM Project snobs hadn’t read the newspaper report in The Australian of the same day, about yet another Third World refugee committing a sexual assault against a young Australian woman. The fools at the 7PM Project were blinded by their multiculturalist prejudices, thinking that all people and all cultures are the same – but that is not the case, which anyone who is realistic, or who uses their common sense, would know (not being blind to the truth like the misnamed “do-gooders” are).

    The fact is that there are some cultures which treat women as worth much less than men, sometimes as little more than possessions; where a woman is worth less in the eyes of the law; where a woman in a short skirt, in shorts, or wearing a bikini is considered to be “loose”, a “slut”, or even someone who supposedly deserves to be raped. In some European countries, such thinking has real consequences for women, with Third World immigrants committing rapes at a highly disproportionate rate.

    This is the reality. It has been happening in Europe. Has it been happening in Australia as well? Are immigrants from certain Third World countries committing crimes here at a disproportionately high rate? There is evidence that points to this being the case. Instead of scoffing at the legitimate concerns of ordinary Australians, there should be an official inquiry. The Australian public deserves to know the truth.



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    Shotgun for the little old lady and hopefully the camp will be near the home of the show producers. Lets see how long they stay liberal after their space is violated.

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