(AZ) Intruder kills wife then is killed by husband 07-01-03

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    May 25, 2003
    please NOTE: The Intruder was armed with a KNIFE !

    (AZ) Intruder kills wife then is killed by husband 07-01-03

    Intruder kills Payson woman,
    73; husband then kills intruder Associated Press
    Jul. 1, 2003 12:48 PM

    PAYSON - A 73-year-old woman was stabbed to death by an alleged robber,
    who her husband then shot in turn.

    A man allegedly went to the home of Ray and Annie Friesen in Beaver
    Valley on Monday and asked to use their phone, saying his car had broken

    Ray Friesen, 79, allowed the man to use a cordless phone outside, but
    when the suspect returned the phone, he allegedly took out a hunting
    knife, said Gila County sheriff's detectives.

    The man tied Ray Friesen to a chair in the dining room and demanded
    credit cards, a wallet and keys to a vehicle, authorities said. Friesen
    gave the man everything he asked for, detectives said.

    But the man then entered a room where Annie Friessen was resting. When
    Ray Friesen heard his wife screaming, he struggled free of his binding
    and got a pistol, said Sheriff John Armer.

    Friesen found his wife bleeding and the suspect standing over her with a
    knife, Armer said. Friesen shot several times.

    Annie Friesen and the suspect, whose name was not immediately released,
    were both killed.
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