Baby Brownings

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    I am not where I can access my BATF book. Can anyone tell me if the .25 ACP Baby Brownings are covered as C&R's? I seem to recall thet were added to the list. Thanks for anyone's help

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    Re: Baby Brownings
    The 'Baby' Browning Renaissance and 'Baby' Brownings over 50 years old are C&R.

    The 'Vest Pocket' which ATF refers to as the FN Model 1906 is C&R. Note this is a different, earlier gun than the 'Baby.'

    The C&R list as published by ATF is confusing, and it is apparent that ATF itself has trouble distinguishing between the two models. They list Baby Browning 'Russian Contract' guns as being C&R, but that contract was the 'Vest Pocket.'

    The Baby was introduced in 1931 and does not have the grip safety.

    So, not all Baby Brownings are C&R, but all FN Vest Pocket's are.